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by Darlene Lavoy-Eddington on 06/03/16

Here are some basic rules you should follow when couponing:

Coupon theft is on the rise. People are stealing coupon inserts either from store newspapers or from newspapers other people have already paid for. This is not being honest!

Tear Pads: Vendors put tear pads,and coupons out by products they are trying to sell.
This is a favor to the consumer.  Take a couple of these, but please do not take the whole pad or an excessive amount that is just RUDE! 
These are not put out for people to sell, this is a promotional tool to see what response that product is getting. 

Peelies- coupons found on products  These coupons are put on certain products in order to sell them faster. Do not remove them and save them for later. Buy the product and use the coupon at checkout.  These are not also not to be removed for sale.

Blinkies-found in the aisle at the store spitting out of a black box. The box usually has a red blinking light on it.   Take a few of these---saving them for a sale if you are going to buy the product. Otherwise leave them for the next shopper.  These also are not to be sold.

Stores ads ---can be combined with manufacturers coupons, for even more savings. Please do not take a stack of ads from a store in order to hold for yourself.  You are not the only person trying to save money.

There are many couponers love getting a large amount of items for nothing (or next to nothing), only do this if you can actually use that amount. Don’t be greedy and leave the shelves bare; be considerate of your fellow shoppers and take only what you know you and your family will actually use.

Avoid shopping at 5pm, fellow shoppers are trying to buy groceries for dinner. The cashiers’, fellow shoppers that are waiting in line will get stressed out. Shop when the store tends to be less crowded, such as later at night or early in the morning.
You discover while at the store that you can’t use a coupon and it is still valid, leave it for someone else who may be able to make use of it.

The shopper behind you has one item and no coupons, you have several items and coupons, let them go ahead of you. This is common courtesy and will give 
Couponer's a better name.

Savvy Couponer

by Darlene Lavoy-Eddington on 06/03/16

I'm  here to help you get started on your path of becoming a savvy couponer. I will show you how to find and organize your coupons, set up the couponing systems, lead you in every way i can.

COUPON--- usually a small piece of printed paper that lets you get a service or product for free or at a lower price. Most important is the EXPIRATION date, the manufactor's want you to use the coupon as soon as possible-

READ THE FINE PRINT-Secondly is know what your reading.--- EXAMPLE:// ( Get .50 off when you purchase two of the item. ) Or (.50 off when you purchase one item of 20oz. or larger.)  Make sure you understand exactly which product sizes and variations are valid for purchase with each coupon. For example, if the coupon is for a 20-ounce bottle of pepsi, don’t plan to use it with a 12-ounce can of pepsi.

COUPONING---- a good strategy to save money on food, clothing and most items. Everyone eats, buys clothing, does activities, ect.-- save money doing so. It is not a get rich scheme , you really need to work at it but in the end you will find it worth it.

ORGANIZATION----The most important thing that thrifty shoppers need to know about couponing, is to be very organized.  Make sure your coupons are organized before you enter the store. Looking for coupons when you are in line can be stressful. The smoother the transactions goes,  the easier your shopping trips become.

PEEK HOURS-----If your shopping during busy hours----it can make for a very bad trip. Crowds, long lines, cashiers being frustrated. 

TRANSACTIONS-----The starting of a check out (including coupons)---ending with a total on your grocery slip. You may have multiple transactions in one trip!  Check your store policy to see how many you are allowed in one trip!

COUPON POLICY-----For every store you shop--you need to get the store policy, not every cashier is usually updated.  KNOW the store’s policies so you don’t have an issue when you’re in the checkout line. No one wants to get to the register and everything fall apart when your planning on saving money!  Grocery stores, retailers and local merchants will all have different coupon policies. You may be allowed to use coupons for items that are on sale in some stores, but others won’t. There are times you may get cash back if you exceed the value of your purchase, while others may not.  All stores will have different rules around rain checks, coupon and product amounts.

You can use one store coupon and one manufacturer’s coupon per item. If you try to use more, chances are you are violating store policy or the terms of one of the coupons you are already using.

FINDING COUPONS-------- Clipping coupons from different sources will  provide you a lots of options of products and deals. Once your ready to start getting COUPONS, you will find a lot of different ways to do this.  Make sure you get the store weekly advertisements, so you can compare with the----Newspapers, magazines, internet, e-mails, e-coupons, store cards, tear pads, store ads, the ad machines in the store isles, manufacturers, friends, family, coupon clubs, ect.

When you PRINT coupons--you can only print 2 of each item, from each coupon site!
Coupon sites change coupons about every 7 to 10 days.  Don’t use photocopied coupons. Unless the store is providing them, using photocopied coupons may be considered coupon fraud, which is against the law.

E-Coupons or electronic coupons are a convenient way to save money at the grocery store. Free coupons load directly to your participating grocery store savings card, so there is no paper to lose or forget.  Below you find some places you can find e-coupons.
Savings Star--- <a href="">  

COUPONING is your own business!

by Darlene Lavoy-Eddington on 06/03/16

                        Wow!  Where do I start!  Research!
                        Well---I've done the work for you!

                       1.    You set goals. 
                       2.    What do I need to reach my goal?
                       3.    How much do I need to save each week
                                  ( start small -it will grow)
                       4.   How many hours do I have to spare.
                       5.   Get family, friends, neighbors, work buddies
                                             on board
                       6.   I guarantee coupons grow fast.

                                      LET'S GET STARTED!


by Darlene Lavoy-Eddington on 06/03/16 --->…
Red Plum ---> <a href="" target="_top"
COUPON GRAVY---><a href="…"
SmartSource --->
CommonKindness --->
Hopster --->
Target Coupons --->
SavingStar e-coupons ---> 
<a href=""> 

First coupon

by Darlene Lavoy-Eddington on 04/23/16

The First Coupon started with Coke-Cola,         
 in 1887,  offering  a free sample.   
 Coke cost $.05 at that time.   

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                         Coca Cola was the first to start using coupons in 1887, offering a free sample. 
                            Coke cost $.05 at that time.  
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