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by Darlene Lavoy-Eddington on 06/08/16

Stock piling takes organization and space. Yes, its nice when your short of something, money's tight, you know that your groceries are there.  Be safe thou!

What To Stockpile 
Stockpile only the things your famiy will use, its not a savings if it just sits on a shelf!

Key steps to take:
Make a list of items you will use in a month. 
Check grocery salespapers to see what items are on sale
Check the sale prices with coupons for purchasing
Record your savings 

What Not To Do
Remember, the point is to save money and build up a reserve of useful items. 
Store items that will quickly spoil.
Check of expiration dates.Once a month is good!
Buy things most members of your family won’t eat
Buy more than you have room to store.

Stock pile storage

You will need space to store the items your going to stockpile. Somewhere cool and dark. Heat and light can add to food deterioration.
Basements provide protection, have enough room to set up metal shelving units.
Other's use a portion of their garage, for paper products and toiletries, not the best for food storage if you live in a warm area.
Make sure its sturdy, safe, and easy access for you. Groceries get heavy fast!

How To Organize Your Stockpile
How you store the food is as important as your collection of stockpile. A monthly rotation of foods is a must in stockpiling. This keeps expiration dates in updated.

Put dry goods such as cereals,snacks,etc in seal able plastic containers eliminating bugs!.  If your concerned that water damage might occur or if you live in a flood area, make sure everything is on higher shelf's.

Below please find an esitmate time line for products in storage!

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