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by Darlene Lavoy-Eddington on 06/08/16


Collecting Coupons
You need to first set aside a few hours a week to find new coupons. You'll find free coupons in the mail, newspapers and on the internet. You can fine alot of coupons on the internet, so most of your time is spent looking through coupon websites.  Save those sites in some kinda of file--it makes the next search so much faster! My advice is to first gather as many coupons you can from various sources, then sort through them one by one. There are also,  websites that upload electronic coupons directly to your store rewards cards.

Grouping coupons
You will need to find out a way to keep tabs on expiration dates and maximize your coupon grouping.  Don’t rush to use the coupons immediately. In order to use coupons effectively, you will often have to use them at a later date to combine with store sales. Be aware of the expiration dates, you don’t want good coupons to go to waste.

Start a system
List all multiple coupons you have.  Make a plan to combine store coupons with manufacturer ones to increase savings. Take advantage of stores that double 
coupons for even bigger savings. Compare your coupons with the sales ads. Write your shopping list and ensure that you have the right coupons for the items included.

Stacking coupons
Combining coupons is known as ‘stacking’ and is one of the main goals used by Thrifty couponers to save big bucks. Store sales coupon ---Manufactoring
coupon.   Your favorite store is having a sale, 10 for 10, your coupon reads $.50
off.  The coupon doubles--you get the item free.  Or you have a store coupon for 
$.25, a manufactor's coupon for $.25--put them together/doubled  makes a dollar. Making that item free!

Bulk buy at bottom prices
It is essential to know when prices hit rock bottom. A general rule ,the 6-8 week cycle. Take notes of which products go on sale, That way you know that is the lowest price for that item. Keep a record of prices during sales to help you determine the best time to stock up.

Bulk buying
When buying a large quanity of items---contact your store manager, so he or she can order more of the items you need.  This leaves items on the shelve, making everyone happy.  If you have coupons for the items ordered, let the manager know, so the cashier is aware and the items can be brought out, when picking up..  Makes your shopping smother.

Loyalty program
Signing  up for store loyalty programs, another savings. Some stores won’t allow
non-members to shop at sale prices. You won’t be able to use on line special
coupons unless you become a member.

There are stores that accept coupons, don’t double or triple and limit their offers to store brand items.
Manufacturer coupons up to a certain value are doubled at some grocery stores.
You may use one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon per item.
If the store is out of any item you planned to buy, ask customer service for a rain check.

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