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Our mission is to provide US military families stationed overseas with expired coupons, right to their door.

HB's For Care Packages 44336 Nolina Circle Lancaster, CA 93536 
How to Ship Coupons: COUPS FOR THE TROOPS
How should I package the coupons?
Use baggies, envelopes, etc., to contain the different categories -- whatever will keep them separated during shipment (Do not use rubber bands, paper clips, and similar methods of keeping the coupons sorted as they do not work and will come apart in shipping).
Be sure to label the bundles "Food" or "Non-Food"!

What is considered "Food" and what is not?
Here's the rule of thumb: It's food if it can be eaten by humans, is usually eaten by humans, and is normally eaten to provide calories. For example, dog & cat food would be "Non-Food," but Ensure or Slim-Fast would be "Food." Vitamins would be non-food. Chewing Gum and Mints are food.

Where do I send the coupons?
See our base list and adopt a base. Then send the coupons to your adopted overseas base. It costs the same to send them to the base as it does to send them to your next door neighbor in the U.S. The bases are U.S. territory.

What is the fastest way to mail the coupons?
A fast method of shipment is to use the Priority Mailer that the Post Office has. They have one envelope that allows you to place as much in it as you can for a fee. Contact your local post office for the current prices per pound and best suggested methods of mailing. They will give you this information by phone.

Does the Post Office require a name with the address?
If the Post Office requests a name for the address we have furnished, explain that the package is going to a "Position" not to a "Person." It is "Official Mail." By military regulations, Personal Mail requires a name with the address but Official Mail does not. The "Commanding General" may be changed as the military wishes but mail to the Commanding General is for that position not for John Smith who may now be a civilian. The coupons are also Official Mail for that base. If a person is a part of the address, we have placed that persons name with the address on

Do I need a customs form mailed with the coupons?
The U.S.P.S. also requires Customs Form 2976-A be attached to the outside of the mailer when sending directly to a base overseas. Use the description "Coupons" and record the value as "--$0.00--". Be sure to check the "Gift" box on the form and for them to return the coupons if there are problems if using Priority Mail. This will allow time to resend them to another base. our site. If there is no name, then we do not have one.


                                   AIRFORCE BASES

     Base Location                                          Base Mailing Address                                                                                                                                                Ramstein, Germany                                            Ramstein Air Base                                                                                                     ​Attn:  Family Services Bldg.                                                                                     1200, Flugplatz Ramstein 
                                                                              APO AE 09094 Germany

​                                                                               RAF Alconbury
      Alconbury, UK                                                ATTN: Family Services
                                                                             423 ABS/DPF
                                                                             APO AE 09470                                                

​   Bury-ST Edmunds, UK                                        Mr. Hugh Henry-Pierre
                                                                        USAF Family Support Center
                                                                          100 MSS / DPF, Unit 49/25
                                                                           APO AE 09459                             

     Incirlik, Turkey                                                  39 MSS/MSF
                                                                            ATTN: Family Services
                                                                            Unit 8790, Box 175
                                                                            APO AE 09824

    Incirlik, Turkey                                                Coupon Program A&FRC
                                                                         Unit 7505, Box 175
                                                                         APO AE 09824

   Yokota, Japan                                   Airman and Family Readiness Center
                                                                         374 FSS/FSFR
                                                                         Unit 5123
                                                                         APO AP 96328

 Okinawa, Japan                                    Airman and Family Readiness Center
                                                                        Unit 5134 Box 80
                                                                        18 FSS/FSFR
                                                                       APO AP 96368-5134

     Guam                                             Airman and Family Readiness Center
                                                                      36 MSS/DPF
                                                                      Unit 14001, Box 17
                                                                      APO AP 96543

Spangdahlem, Germany                               52 MSS/DPF (A&FRF)
                                                                      Unit 3655, Box 65
                                                                      APO AE 09126 


Base Location                                                Base Mailing Address

Rota, Spain                                                       Fleet and Family Support Center
                                                                         PSC 819 Box 57
                                                                         FPO AE 09645-5500

Yokosuka, Japan                                             Yokosuka NFA Commissary
                                                                         Bldg H20
                                                                         PSC 473 Box 33
                                                                         FPO AP, 96349-0033

Guam                                                               Fleet and Family Support Center
                                                                         Naval Base Guam, Building 106
                                                                         PSC 455 Box 157
                                                                         FPO, AP 96540

Atsugi, Japan                                                   U.S. Naval Air Facility
                                                                         Navy FSC
                                                                         PSC 477 Box 32
                                                                         FPO AP 96306

Rota, Spain                                                     Navy & Marine Corps Relief Society
                                                                        PSC 819, Box 2002
                                                                        FPO AE 09645

Sasebo, Japan                                                Navy FSC
                                                                       ATTN: Coupon Dist.
                                                                       PSC 476, Box 62
                                                                       FPO AP 96322-1114


 Base Location                   ​                                      Base Mailing Address

  Vogelweh, Germany                                                Vogelweh Commissary
                                                                                   Unit 3063
                                                                                   APO AE 09021

  Mannheim, Germany                                                Army Community Service
                                                                                   Unit 29901 Box 25
                                                                                   Bldg. 253
                                                                                   APO AE 09086-9901

 Stuttgart, Germany                                                    Army Community Service
                                                                                   Unit 30401
                                                                                   APO AE 09107

  Vilseck, Germany                                                   Army Community Service
                                                                                  Unit 28130
                                                                                  Bldg. 244
                                                                                  APO AE 09114

 Bamberg, Germany                                                 USAG Bamberg 
                                                                             Army Emergency Relief Manager
                                                                                 CMR 459
                                                                                 APO AE 09139

 Lakenheath, UK                                                Airman and Family Readiness Center
                                                                              48 FSS/FSFR Bldg 950
                                                                              Unit 5200, Box 105
                                                                              APO AE 09461

  Okinawa, Japan                                                 Volunteer/Outreach Coordinator
                                                                              ACS - 10th ASG
                                                                              Unit 35115
                                                                              APO AP 96376-5115

  Brussels, Belgium                                                 CAFAP - ACS
                                                                             Unit 21420, Box 6675
                                                                             APO AE 09705

Schweinfurt, Germany                                           ACS, 280th BSB
                                                                             ATTN: AETV-WG-SJD
                                                                             CMR 457
                                                                             APO AE 09033  


Base Location                                                 Base Mailing Address

  Iwakuni, Japan                                                Coupon Distribution Program
                                                                          Marine & Family Services
                                                                          PSC 561, Box 1863
                                                                          FPO AP 96310-1863
Unit 28614
APO AE 09177

CMR 431
APO AE 09175 

Family Services Center 
Box 45 
FPO AE 09728 

Camp Darby - Livorino
CDR, AST, LIVORINO Unit 31301, Box 55 
APO 09613 

PSC 810, Box 53 
NAS Naples 
FPO AE 09619

Defense Commissary Agency
Okinawa Central Distribution Center 
DECA/WP/CD/OKI, Unit 5156, Bldg 301 
APO AP 96368-5156

Family Service Center
PSC 472, Box 8
FPO AP 96348-1150

Family Service Center
PSC 474, Box 700
FPO AP 96351-0007

Navy Family Service Center
U.S. Fleet Activities
ATTN: Coupon Distribution
PSC 476, Box 62
FPO AP 96322-1114

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                               Military Units
                            Accepting Coupons
                      Spare Batteries:
Batteries needed in war zones ---AA and AAA  ----- very hard to come  by.                 Please forward to : 
For The Troops Headquarters
2872 Cochran Street 
Simi Valley,  CA  93065
These will be sent: Afghanistan /Iraq
 More info:For the
                     Dental Hygene
Soldiers are in need of extra unopened Toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, travel-size mouthwash. These items are hard to find in war zones.
Please send to:                                     
Forgotten Soldiers outreach, Inc.,                 3550 23rd Ave. st.--Suite 7
Lake Worth, Fl. 33461 
More info

Operation,Care and Comfort
2731 North First Street
San Jose, CA  95134
More info at:

                     Socks for Heroes
The Socks for Heroes project has only one purpose, getting socks to our Marines. We do not compete with anyone in this task and are grateful to anybody else who is also pursuing this effort. Our primary purpose is to build and work within a community of support for our guys forward. As such, we ar...
​                           Baby Items
New military families in need of new baby items----baby blankets,
infant pajamas( sizes upto 12 monthes) diapers.
Send to Support Military Spouses (non-Profit organization)
1580 Highway 9 E., Unit One, Longs, SC 29568


Alconbury, U.K.                                                                           U.S. Air Force
                                      NO NEW ADOPTIONS 

RAF Alconbury                                                                            U.S. Army
APO AE 09470
Ansbach, Germany
                                          DO NOT ADOPT

CAFAP                                                                                         U.S. Navy 
ACS - 235th BSB
Unit 28614
APO AE 09177
Atsugi, Japan

                                         Yes, please adopt us!

Naval Facility                                                                               U.S. Army
Navy FSC
PSC 477 Box 32
FPO AP 96306
Bamburg, Germany
                                          Yes, please adopt us!

USAG Bamburg
Army Emergency Relief
APO AE 09139 

Bamburg ACS, Germany

U.S. Army
Yes, please
adopt us!

Bamberg ACS
ACS—279th BSB
Unit 27535
APO AE, 09139
Brussels, Belgium

U.S. Army

Yes, please
adopt us!

Unit 21420, Box 6675
APO AE 09705
Gaeta, Italy

U.S. Navy

Yes, please
adopt us!

Volunteer Coordinator
Navy FSC
PSC 811
FPO AE 09609
Grafenwoehr, Germany

U.S. Army

Yes, please
adopt us!

ACS - 409th BSB
APO AE 09114
Ikego, Japan

U.S. Navy

Yes, please
adopt us! 

PSC 474, Box 700
FPO AP 96351-0007
Illesheim, Germany

U.S. Army

Yes, please
adopt us!

Coupon Program Chairperson
ACS - Illesheim AST
CMR 416, Box I
APO AE 09140-0015
Incirlik, Turkey

U.S. Air Force

Yes, please
adopt us!

Airman & Family Readiness Center
Incirlik AB, Turkey 39 FSS
FSFR Unit 7570, Box 175
APO, AE, 09824

ATTN: Family Services
Unit 8790, Box 175
APO AE 09824
Iwakuni, Japan

U.S. Marine Corps


Coupon Distribution Program
Marine & Family Services
PSC 561, Box 1863
FPO AP 96310-1863 

OLD ADDRESS: (do not use)
USMC Community Services
PSC 561, Box 1867
FPO AP 96310-1867 
Lakenheath, U.K.

U.S. Air Force

Yes, please
adopt us!

ATTN: Coupon Connection Program
Unit 5200, Box 105
APO AE 09464-0105
Okinawa, Japan (USA)

U.S. Army

Yes, please
adopt us!

Volunteer/Outreach Coordinator
ACS - 10th ASG
Unit 35115
APO AP 96376-5115
Okinawa, Japan (USAF)

U.S. Air Force

Yes, please
adopt us!

Family Services Program
Unit 5134, Box 80
APO AP 96368-5134
Osan, Korea

U.S. Air Force

Yes, please
adopt us!

Osan AB Family Readiness Center
51 FSS/FSFR Unit 2065
APO AP 92678 

Family Support Center
51st MSS DPF (AFRC-Coupon Prgm)
Unit 2097
APO AP 96278-2097
Rota, Spain

U.S. Navy

Yes, please
adopt us!

Navy & Marine Corps Relief Society
PSC 819, Box 2002
FPO AE 09645
Sasebo, Japan

U.S. Navy

Yes, please
adopt us!

Navy FSC
ATTN: Coupon Dist.
PSC 476, Box 62
FPO AP 96322-1114
Schweinfurt, Germany

U.S. Army

Yes, please
adopt us!

ACS, 280th BSB
CMR 457
APO AE 09033
Sigonella, Sicily

U.S. Navy

Yes, please
adopt us!

Defense Commisary Agency
Sigonella PSC 812, Box 2700
FPO AE, 09627-2700

Navy FSC
PSC 824, Box 2650
FPO AE 09627-2650
Spangdahlem, Germany

U.S. Air Force

Yes, please
adopt us!

Unit 3655, Box 65
APO AE 09126
Vicenza, Italy

U.S. Army

Yes, please
adopt us!

Army Community Service
US Army Garrison
Vicenza Unit 31401,
Box 80
APO AE 09630 

Old Address:
CMR 427, Box 19
APO AE 09630
Vilseck, Germany

U.S. Army

Yes, please
adopt us!

ACS - 281st BSB
Unit 28038
APO AE 09112
Wiesbaden ACS

U.S. Army

Yes, please
adopt us!

Wiesbaden ACS
Unit 29623
UBox 062
APO AE 09005-9623
Yokohama, Japan

U.S. Navy

Yes, please
adopt us!

New Address

Dept Navy & Family Sppt Center
PSC 473, Box 116
FPO AP 96349-0116 

Old Address DO NPT USE 
PSC 472 Box 8
FPO AP 96348-1150
Yokosuka, Japan

U.S. Navy

Yes, please
adopt us!

Coupon Distribution
Family Service Center
PSC 473, Box 116
FPO AP 96349-0116
Yokota, Japan

U.S. Air Force

Yes, please
adopt us!

Bldg 570 Yokota AB
APO AP 96328-6290 

Yokota Military Couponers
PSC 78 Box 7022
APO, AP 96326

Navy FSC
374th MSSQ/MSF
APO AP 96328-5000
Camp Zama, Japan

29 Palms MCAGCC Twentynine Palms, CA
Aberdeen Proving Ground Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
Air Force Academy U S A F Academy, CO
Albany MCLB Albany, GA
Aliamanu USAF Honolulu, HI
Alpena CRTC Alpena, MI
Altus AFB Altus AFB, OK
Anchorage Area Elmendorf AFB, AK
Andrews AFB Andrews Air Force Base, MD
Annapolis NSA Annapolis, MD
Anniston Army Depot Anniston, AL
Armory Bismarck, ND
Arnold AFB Arnold AFB, TN
Bangor ANGB Bangor, ME
Bangor NSB Silverdale, WA
Barksdale AFB Barksdale AFB, LA
Barstow MCLB Barstow, CA
Battle Creek Battle Creek, MI
Bayview San Diego, CA
Beale AFB Beale AFB, CA
Beaufort MCAS Beaufort, SC
Bellows Air Force Station Waimanalo, HI
Blue Grass Army Depot Lexington, KY
Bolling AFB Washington, DC
Boone National Guard Center Frankfort, KY
Bradley CT ANG East Granby, CT
Bremerton NBK Bremerton, WA
BT Collins Army Reserve Center Sacramento, CA
Buckley AFB Aurora, CO
Camp Allen Norfolk, VA
Camp Ashland Camp Ashland, NE
Camp Atterbury Edinburgh, IN
Camp Beauregard Pineville, LA
Camp Blanding Camp Blanding, FL
Camp Dodge Johnston, IA
Camp Edwards Camp Edwards, MA
Camp Grafton Devils Lake, ND
Camp Grayling Grayling, MI
Camp Gruber Braggs, OK
Camp Johnson Colchester, VT
Camp Keyes Augusta, ME
Camp Lejeune MCB Camp Lejeune, NC
Camp Mabry Austin, TX
Camp Merrill Dahlonega, GA
Camp Navajo Bellemont, AZ
Camp Parks Dublin, CA
Camp Pendleton MCB Camp Pendleton, CA
Camp Perry Pt. Clinton, OH
Camp Rell Niantic, CT
Camp Ripley Little Falls, MN
Camp Roberts Camp Roberts, CA
Camp San Luis Obispo San Luis Obispo, CA
Camp Shelby Camp Shelby, MS
Camp Williams Riverton, UT
Cannon AFB Cannon AFB, NM
Cape Canaveral Cape Canaveral, FL
Carlisle Barracks Carlisle, PA
Cavalier AFB Akra, ND
C E Kelly Oakdale, PA
Charles E Kelly Oakdale, PA
Charles M Price Support Center Granite City, IL
Charleston AFB Charleston AFB, SC
Charleston NWS Goose Creek, SC
Chattanooga Chattanooga, TN
Cherry Point MCAS Cherry Point, NC
China Lake NWC Ridgecrest, CA
Columbus AFB Columbus, MS
Coraopolis AFB - Airport Coraopolis, PA
Corpus Christi NAS Corpus Christi, TX
Crane NSWC Crane, IN
Dahlgren NSWC Dahlgren, VA
Davis-Monthan AFB Tucson, AZ
Dobbins ARB/NAS Atlanta, GA
Dover AFB Dover AFB, DE
Dugway PG Dugway, UT
Duluth ANG Duluth, MN
Dyess AFB Dyess AFB, TX
Edwards AFB Edwards, CA
Eglin AFB Eglin AFB, FL
Eielson AFB Eielson AFB, AR
El Centro NAF El Centro, CA
Ellington Field Houston, TX
Ellsworth AFB Ellsworth AFB, SD
Everett Marysville, WA
Fairchild AFB Fairchild Air Force Base, WA
Fallon NAS Fallon, NV
F E Warren AFB FE Warren AFB, WY
Fort Belvoir Fort Belvoir, VA
Fort Benjamin Harrison Indianapolis, IN
Fort Benning Fort Benning, GA
Fort Bliss El Paso, TX
Fort Bragg North Fort Bragg, NC
Fort Bragg South Fort Bragg, NC
Fort Campbell Fort Campbell, KY
Fort Carson Colorado Springs, CO
Fort Chaffee Fort Chaffee, AR
Fort Custer Augusta, MI
Fort Derussy , HI
Fort Des Moines Provisional Army Officer Training School Des Moines, IA
Fort Detrick Frederick, MD
Fort Devens Reserve Forces Training Fort Devens, MA
Fort Dix Fort Dix, NJ
Fort Douglas Fort Douglas, UT
Fort Drum Fort Drum, NY
Fort Eustis Fort Eustis, VA
Fort Gillem Forest Park, GA
Fort Gordon Augusta, GA
Fort Greely Delta Junction, AK
Fort Hamilton Brooklyn, NY
Fort Hood I Killeen, TX
Fort Hood II Killeen, TX
Fort Huachuca Fort Huachuca, AZ
Fort Hunter-Liggett Jolon, CA
Fort Irwin Fort Irwin, CA
Fort Jackson Columbia, SC
Fort Knox Fort Knox, KY
Fort Leavenworth Fort Leavenworth, KS
Fort Lee Fort Lee, VA
Fort Leonard Wood Fort Leonard Wood, MO
Fort Lesley J. McNair Washington, DC
Fort Lewis Tacoma, WA
Fort McClellan Fort McClellan, AL
Fort McCoy Sparta, WI
Fort McPherson Atlanta, GA
Fort Meade Fort George G Meade, MD
Fort Monmouth Fort Monmouth, NJ
Fort Monroe Hampton, VA
Fort Myer Ft Myer, VA
Fort Ord Monterey, CA
Fort Polk Leesville, LA
Fort Richarson Anchorage, AK
Fort Riley Fort Riley, KS
Fort Rucker Fort Rucker, AL
Fort Sam Houston San Antonio, TX
Fort Shafter Honolulu, HI
Fort Sheridan Fort Sheridan, IL
Fort Sill Fort Sill, OK
Fort Stewart Fort Stewart, GA
Fort Story Virginia Beach, VA
Fort Wainwright Fort Wainwright, AK
Fort William Henry Harrison Fort Harrison, MT
Goodfellow AFB Goodfellow AFB, TX
Gore Hill Annex Great Falls, MT
Grand Forks AFB Grand Forks AFB, ND
Great Lakes NS Great Lakes, IL
Grenier Field Londonderry, NH
Grissom ARB Grissom ARB, IN
Gulfport NCBC Gulfport, MS
Gunter AFB Montgomery, AL
Hancock Field Syracuse, NY
Hanscom AFB Hanscom AFB, MA
Hawaii MCB Honolulu, Oahu, HI
Hector Field Fargo, ND
Helemano Military Reserve Wahiawa, HI
Henderson Hall Henderson Hall, VA
Hickam AFB Hickam AFB, HI
Hill AFB Hill AFB, UT
Holloman AFB Holloman Air Force Base, NM
Homestead Homestead Base, FL
Hunter AAF Savannah, GA
Hurlburt Field AFB Hurlburt Field, FL
Imperial Beach Imperial Beach, CA
Iowa ANG Des Moines, IA
Jacksonville NAS Jacksonville, FL
JB Elmendorf-Richardson Anchorage, AK
JB Lewis-McChord Tacoma, WA
JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ
Jefferson City Jefferson City, MO
Keaukaha Military Reserve Hilo, HI
Keesler AFB Biloxi, MS
Key Field Air Force Reserve Installation Meridian, MS
Key West NAS Key West, FL
Kings Bay NSB Kings Bay, GA
Kingsley Field Base Klamath Falls, OR
Kingsville NAS Kingsville, TX
Kirtland AFB Kirtland AFB, NM
Kodiak Kodiak, AK
Lackland AFB San Antonio, TX
Lakehurst NAES Lakehurst, NJ
Langley AFB Hampton, VA
Laughlin AFB Laughlin A F B, TX
Lemoore NAS Lemoore, CA
Lincoln Lincoln, NE
Little Creek NAB Norfolk, VA
Little Rock AFB Little Rock Air Force Base, AR
Los Alamitos Army Airfield Los Alamitos, CA
Los Angeles AFB El Segundo, CA
Luke AFB Glendale, AZ
MacDill AFB Tampa, FL
Malmstrom AFB Malmstrom A F B, MT
March ARB March Air Force Base, CA
Maui Maui, HI
Maxwell AFB Montgomery, AL
Mayport NS Atlantic Beach, FL
McAlester Army Ammunition Plant McAlester, OK
McChord AFB Tacoma, WA
McClellan AFB McClellan AFB, CA
McConnell AFB Mc Connell AFB, KS
McGhee Tyson Louisville, TN
McGuire AFB Trenton, NJ
Memphis NSA Millington, TN
Meridian NAS Meridian, MS
Minneapolis/St. Paul AFRS Minneapolis, MN
Minot AFB Minot AFB, ND
Miramar MCAS San Diego, CA
Mitchell Field Garden City, NY
Moffett Field Moffett Field, CA
Moody AFB Valdosta, GA
Mountain Home AFB Mountain Home, ID
Mountain Warfare Training Center Pickel Meadow, CA
MTA Deepwoods ARNG , ME
MTA Riley-Bog Brook ARNG , ME
Nashville Nashville, TN
NASJRB Ft. Worth Fort Worth, TX
NAS JRB New Orleans Belle Chasse, LA
Natick Natick, MA
Natick Labs AAFES Bx Natick, MA
Nellis AFB Nellis AFB, NV
New London Groton, CT
Newport NS Newport, RI
New River MCAS McCutcheon Field, NC
Norfolk NAVSTA Norfolk, VA
North Island NAS San Diego, CA
Oceana NAS Virginia Beach, VA
Offutt AFB Offutt A F B, NE
Parks Reserve Forces Training Area Dublin, CA
Parris Island MCRD Beaufort, SC
Patrick AFB Patrick AFB, FL
Patuxent River NAS Patuxent River, MD
Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor, HI
Pease ANG M/S Portsmouth, NH
Pensacola NAS Pensacola, FL
Peterson AFB Colorado Springs, CO
Picatinny Arsenal Picatinny, NJ
Pine Bluff Arsenal White Hall, AR
Pohakuloa Training Area Hilo, HI
Point Loma Naval Base San Diego, CA
Pope AFB Pope AFB, NC
Port Hueneme Port Hueneme CBC Base, CA
Portsmouth NNSY Portsmouth, VA
Portsmouth NSY Portsmouth, NH
Presidio of Monteray Monterey, CA
Quantico MCB Quantico, VA
Quonset ANGB North Kingstown, RI
Randolph AFB Universal City, TX
Redstone Arsenal Huntsville, AL
Richards-Gebaur Kansas City, MO
Rickenbacker ANGB Columbus, OH
Robins AFB Warner Robins, GA
Rochester Reserve Center Rochester, NY
Rock Island Arsenal Rock Island, IL
San Diego MCRD San Diego, CA
San Diego NB San Diego, CA
San Onofre Camp Pendleton, CA
Saratoga Springs Saratoga Springs, NY
Schofield Barracks Mililani, HI
Scott AFB Scott Air Force Base, IL
Selfridge ANGB Harrison Township, MI
Seymour Johnson AFB Goldsboro, NC
Shades of Green AFRC Orlando, FL
Shaw AFB Shaw A F B, SC
Sheppard AFB Sheppard AFB, TX
Sierra Army Depot Sierra Army Depot, CA
Smokey Point NS Marysville, WA
Smyrna Smyrna, GA
Southern Command Miami, FL
Stewart Field ANG Stewart ANGB, NY
Stoneridge Dallas, TX
Sugar Grove Sugar Grove, WV
The Exchange - HQ Facilities Dallas, TX
Thompson Field MS National Guard Installation Jackson, MS
Tinker AFB Oklahoma City, OK
Tobyhanna Tobyhanna, PA
Travis AFB Travis AFB, CA
Tripler Army Medical Center Honolulu, HI
Truax Field Truax Field, WI
TS Caswell ARNG , ME
TS Hollis Plains ARNG , ME
Tulsa ANGB Tulsa, OK
Tyndall AFB Panama City, FL
US Air Force Academy Air Force Academy, CO
USCG Group Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
Utah ANG West Jordan, UT
Vance AFB Enid, OK
Vandenberg AFB Lompoc, CA
Volk Field Juneau, WI
Wainae AAFES Shoppette Waianae, HI
Walter Reed AMC Silver Spring, MD
Washington D.C., Marine Barracks Washington, DC
Watervliet Arsenal Watervliet, NY
Westover AFB Chicopee, MA
West Point West Point, NY
Wheeler AAF Oahu, HI
Whidbey Island NAS Oak Harbor, WA
Whiteman AFB Whiteman Air Force Base, MO
White Sands White Sands, NM
Whiting Field NAS Milton, FL
Wright-Patterson AFB Dayton, OH
Yeager AGS (ANG) Charleston, WV
Youngstown Air Reserve Vienna, OH
Yuma MCAS Yuma, AZ
Yuma Proving Ground Yuma, A

                   Gift Cards  :

 ​Injured or Disabled Police Officers are in need of Gift Cards   that your not planning on using (Cvs, Walgreen's, Target, or   Rite-Aid) to help pay for medical items, 
 Send to:  National Police Defense Foundation,                           21 Kilmer Drive--Suite F                                                      Morganville, N.J., 0770      
 More info:

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    Special Needs--Military 
   Personal Needs, Batteries,   Ect.
           Special Needs--Police

Alconbury RAFB RAF Alconbury, United Kingdom
Ali Al Salem Air Base Kuwait
American Samoa Pago, Pago, American Samoa
Andersen AFB Andersen AFB, Guam
Ankara Ankara, Turkey
Ansbach Ansbach, Germany
Artillery Kaserne Garmisch, Germany
Atsugi NAF Atsugi, Japan
Aviano AB Aviano, Italy
Bamberg Bamberg, Germany
Baumholder Baumholder, Germany
Ben Franklin Village Mannheim, Germany
Bitburg Bitburg, Germany
Brussels Brussels, Belgium
Buedingen Buedingen, Germany
Cairo Maadi, Egypt
Camp Arifjan Kuwait
Campbell Barracks Heidelberg, Germany
Camp Bondsteel ME Kosovo
Camp Bonifas South Korea
Camp Buehring Kuwait
Camp Carroll Waegwan, South Korea
Camp Casey Tongduchon, South Korea
Camp Coiner South Korea
Camp Courtney MCB Okinawa, Japan
Camp Darby Pisa, Italy
Camp Ederle Vicenza, Italy
Camp Foster MCB Kitamae, Japan
Camp George South Korea
Camp Gonzalves Japan
Camp Hansen Japan
Camp Henry South Korea
Camp Hialeah Pusan, South Korea
Camp Hovey South Korea
Camp Humphreys Camp Humphreys, South Korea
Camp Jackson South Korea
Camp Kim South Korea
Camp Kinser MCB Camp Kinser MCB, Japan
Camp Kure Kanagawa-Ken, Japan
Camp Lester Japan
Camp McTureous Japan
Camp Red Cloud Uijeongbu, South Korea
Camp Schwab Japan
Camp Shields Japan
Camp Stanley Uijeongbu, South Korea
Camp Virginia Kuwait
Camp Walker South Korea
Camp Zama Japan
Chievres AB Brugelette, Belgium
Chinhae NB South Korea
Coleman Barracks Mannheim-Sandhofen, Germany
Conn Barracks Schweinfurt, Germany
Croughton RAFB RAF Croughton, United Kingdom
Darmstadt Darmstadt, Germany
Dexheim Dexheim, Germany
Eskan Village Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Fairford RAFB Fairford RAFB, United Kingdom
Feltwell RAF Norfolk, United Kingdom
Fort Buchanan Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico
Garmisch Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
Gelnhausen Gelnhausen, Germany
Ghedi Air Base Italy
Giebelstadt Giebelstadt, Germany
Giessen Giessen, Germany
Grafenwoehr Germany
Hainerberg Wiesbaden, Germany
Hanau Hanau, Japan
Hannam Village Seoul, South Korea
Hario Village Japan
Heidelberg Heidelberg, Germany
Hohenfels Germany
Idar Oberstein Idar Oberstein, Germany
Illesheim Illesheim, Germany
Incirlik AB Incirlik, Turkey
Iwakuni MCAS Iwakuni, Japan
Izmir Izmir, Turkey
Jeddah Saudi Arabia
K-2 Air Base South Korea
Kadena AB Japan
Keflavik Keflavik, Iceland
Kelley Barracks Stuttgart/Moehringen, Germany
Kitzingen Kitzingen, Germany
Kleber Kaserne Kaiserslautern, Germany
Kunsan AB Kunsan AB, South Korea
Kuwait Naval Base Kuwait
Kwalalein Atoll Marshall Islands
Lajes Portugal
Lakenheath RAFB RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom
Landstuhl Landstuhl, Germany
Ledward Barracks Schweinfurt, Germany
Livorno Camp Darby, Italy
London London, United Kingdom
LSA at Ali Al Salem Kuwait
Mainz-Kastel Germany
Mannheim Mannheim, Germany
Mark Twain Village Heidelberg, Germany
MCAS Futenma Japan
McCully Barracks McCully Barracks, Germany
Menwith Hill RAFB RAF Menwith Hill Station, United Kingdom
Miesau Army Depot Bruchmuehlbach-Miesau, Germany
Mildenhall RAFB RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom
Misawa AB Misawa-shi, Japan
Molesworth RAF Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
Naples NSA Gricignano di Aversa, Italy
Neubrucke Neubrucke Kaserne, Germany
Orote Santa Rita, Guam
Osan AB Kyonggido, South Korea
Panzer Kaserne Panzer Kaserne, Germany
Patch Barracks Stuttgart Vaihingen, Germany
Patrick Henry Village Heidelberg, Germany
Patton Barracks Heidelberg, Germany
Pohang South Korea
Prince Sultan Air Base Saudi Arabia
Pusan Pier 8 South Korea
RAF Blenheim Crescent Ruislip, United Kingdom
Ramstein AB Ramstein AB, Germany
Rhein-Main AB Rhein-Main AB, Germany
Rhein Ordinance Barracks Kaiserslautern, Germany
Riyadh Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Robinson Barracks Stuttgart-Burgholzhof, Germany
Rose Barracks Vilseck, Germany
Rota Rota, Cadiz, Spain
Sagami Sagami Depot, Japan
Sagamihara Sagamihara City, Japan
Saipan Northern Mariana Islands
Sasebo Fleet Activities Sasebo, Japan
Schinnen Schinnen, The Netherlands
Schweinfurt Schweinfurt, Germany
Sembach Sembach AB, Germany
Sigonella Italy
Sobingo Compound South Korea
Spangdahlem AB Spangdahlem Air Force Base, Germany
Spinelli Barracks Mannheim-Freudenheim, Germany
Stavanger Norway
Taegu Taegu, South Korea
Thule AB Greenland
Tompkins Barracks Schwetzingen, Germany
Torii Station Japan
US Army Garrison Humphreys An-Jeong Ri, South Korea
Vicenza Vicenza, Caserma Ederle, Italy
Vilseck Germany
Vogelweh Vogelweh, Germany
Warner Barracks Bamberg, Germany
Wiesbaden Wiesbaden, Germany
Wurzburg Wurxburg, Germany
Yokosuka NFA Kanagawa, Japan
Yokota AB Yokota AB, Japan
Yongsan Yongsan, South Korea

No more than 3 months past expiration date--send them to: 
Support Our Troops, --P.O.Box 70, ----
Daytona Beach, Fl. 32115-00070
More InfoSupport Our
This page is in honor of my father: RICHARD KENNETH LAVOY, who was a veteran, and lost his life to cancer.  My parents donated and supported the veterans during the time of his life, so i learned at a young age how important the Veterans are, and what they do for us daily!  I want this page to give back a little of what they do-- For us!   My brother,  RONALD DAVID LAVOY,  he served for 2 years , he is now in heaven with our father.  My Nephew GARY L. LAVOY,JRserved as a volunteer firefighter for the Village of Holgate for 7 yearshe is in heaven with his Grandfather, Uncles and Other family members.            
                                                             THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR DAILY SUPPORT!                                                                                                                                                              
​                                    GUM
Unopened extra pacts of gum, breath mints or non chocolate candy (jelly bean, gummy bears,red licorice)
Please forward to: 
Blue Star Mother's of America
More info:
           Gum--any flavor
Operation Gratitude/ California
Army National Guard
17330 Victory Boulevard
Van Nuys, CA 91406 
More info:
           Unused gift cards    
 McDonald's, Subway, or grocery chains like Walmart, ect.  

Please send to: 
Military Family Support,
P.O. Box 140694
Nashville, Tn  37214 
More info:
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    IMPORTANT               IMPORTANT

Veteran Homestead Inc., is an independent, non-profit organization that provides housing and care to U.S. Armed Services Veterans who are elderly, disabled or diagnosed with a terminal illness.
Northeast Veteran Training and Rehabilitation Center (NVTRC) in Gardner, Mass. is the first and only facility in the United States to serve afflicted veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and their families by combining housing, physical therapy, counseling and college courses for PTSD, TBI, amputees and burn patients.
Veteran Homestead Hospice in Fitchburg, Mass. is the only privately run, veteran-specific hospice in the country.
Hacienda de Veteranos, the only facility of its kind in Puerto Rico, serves homeless veterans focusing on restoring a sense of self-worth.

Hero Homestead, aftercare for substance abuse or homeless veterans in Leominster, Mass.
Armistice Homestead, care for medical fragile or terminally ill homeless elderly veterans, in Leominster, Mass.
                                                                                                                  Active Military, Veterans, Firemen, Police Help Information!      This page has everything I can find to help our service men/women find help for just about anything!
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Support Our Troops, America's Military Charity
Atlanta Cutlery

                                      Military Bases By State
Fort McClellan Army Base (Training Center) in Anniston, AL
Aviation Training Center Coast Guard Base in Mobile, AL
Anniston Army Depot Base in Bynum, AL
Maxwell Gunter Air Force Base in Montgomery, AL
Redstone Arsenal Army Base in Madison, AL
Fort Rucker Army Base in Dale, AL

Clear Air Force Station Base in Denali Borough, AK
USCG Juneau Coast Guard Base in Juneau, AK
Marine Safety Unit Valdez Coast Guard Base in Valdez, AK
ISC Kodiak Coast Guard Base in Kodiak Island, AK
Fort Greely Army Base in Fairbanks, AK
Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, AK
Eielson Air Force Base in North Pole, AK
Fort Wainwright Army Base in Fairbanks, AK
Fort Richardson Army Base in Anchorage, AK

Barry M Goldwater Range Air Force Base in Phoenix, AZ
Camp Navajo Army Base in Flagstaff, AZ
Yuma Proving Ground Army Base in Yuma County, AZ
MCAS Yuma Marine Corps Base in Yuma, AZ
Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, AZ
Luke Air Force Base in Glendale, AZ
Fort Huachuca Army Base in Cochise, AZ

Camp Joseph Robinson Army Base in North Little Rock, AR
Fort Chaffee Army Base in Fort Smith, AR
Pine Bluff Arsenal Army Base in Jefferson County, AR
Little Rock Air Force Base in Jacksonville, AR

Camp Pendleton’s Camp Talega Part of San Diego, CA
Sierra Army Depot Army Base in Herlong, CA
San Joaquin Depot Joint Operations San Joaquin County, CA
Military Ocean Terminal Concord Navy Base Concord, CA
Los Alamitos Joint Forces in Los Alamitos, CA
Camp San Luis Obispo Army Base in San Luis Obispo, CA
Camp Roberts Army Base in Monterey, CA
Camp Haan Army Base in Riverside, CA
Chocolate Mountain Range Navy in Chocolate Mountain, CA
Mcclellan Air Force Base in Sacramento, CA
Camp Parks PRFTA Army Base in Dublin, CA
Tracen Petaluma Coast Guard Base in Petaluma, CA
ISC Alameda Coast Guard Base in Alameda, CA
Mountain Training Center Marine Corps Pickel Meadows, CA
NWS Seal Beach Navy Base in Seal Beach, CA
Naval Postgraduate School Navy Base in Monterey, CA
Naval Hospital Pendleton Navy Base Camp Pendleton, CA
Naval Air Facility Navy Base in El Centro, CA
Naval Medical Center Navy Base in San Diego, CA
Fort Hunter Liggett Army Base in Monterey, CA
March Air Reserve Base Air Force in Riverside, CA
NS San Diego Navy Base in San Diego, CA
Naval Battalion Center Navy Base in Port Hueneme, CA
NAS Point Mugu Navy Base in Poing Mugu, CA
Point Loma Navy Base in San Diego, CA
North Island Naval Complex Navy Base in San Diego, CA
NAS Lemoore Navy Base in Lemoore, CA
Naval Base Coronado Navy Base in San Diego, CA
NAWS China Lake Navy Base in China Lake, CA
Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Twentynine Palms, CA
MCRD San Diego Marine Corps Base in San Diego, CA
MCAS Miramar Marine Corps Base in San Diego, CA
Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base in San Diego, CA
MCLB Barstow Marine Corps Base in Barstow, CA
Vandenberg Air Force Base in Lompoc, CA
Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, CA
Los Angeles Air Force Base in El Segundo, CA
Edwards Air Force Base in Edwards, CA
Beale Air Force Base in Marysville, CA
Presidio Of Monterey Army Base in Monterey, CA
Fort Irwin Army Base in Barstow, CA

Pueblo Chemical Depot Army Base in Pueblo, CO
Schriever Air Force Base in El Paso, CO
Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, CO
Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base Colorado Springs, CO
Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, CO
Air Force Academy AFB in Colorado Springs, CO
Fort Carson Army Base in El Paso, CO

Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT
Research And Development Center Coast Guard Groton, CT
Marine Safety Center Marine Base in Groton, CT
Naval Submarine Base New London in Groton, CT
Dover Air Force Base in Dover, DE

Homestead Air Reserve Base in Miami, FL
ISC Miami Coast Guard Base in Miami Beach, FL
District 7 Coast Guard Base in Miami, FL
Air Station Clearwater Coast Guard Base in Clearwater, FL
Blount Island Command Marine Corps in Jacksonville, FL
NAS Panama City Navy Base in Panama City, FL
Naval Hospital Pensacola Navy Base in Pensacola, FL
Naval Hospital Jacksonville Navy Base in Jacksonville, FL
Naval Air Warfare Center Navy Base in Orlando, FL
Autec Complex Navy Base in West Palm Beach, FL
Camp Blanding Army Base in Starke, FL
NAS Whiting Field Navy Base in Milton, FL
NAS Pensacola Navy Base in Pensacola, FL
NS Mayport Navy Base in Duval, FL
NAS Key West Navy Base in Key West, FL
NAS Jacksonville Navy Base in Jacksonville, FL
Training Center Corry Navy Base in Pensacola, FL
MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, FL
Tyndall Air Force Base in Panama City, FL
Patrick Air Force Base in Brevard, FL
Hurlburt Field Air Force Base in Mary Esther, FL
Eglin Air Force Base in Valparaiso, FL

Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta, GA
Camp Frank D Merrill Army Base in Dahlonega, GA
Kings Bay Submarine Navy Base in Kings Bay, GA
NAS Atlanta Navy Base in Marietta, GA
MCLB Albany Army Base in Albany, GA
Robins Air Force Base in Houston, GA
Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta, GA
Hunter Army Airfield Army Base in Savannah, GA
Fort Stewart Army Base in Liberty, GA
Fort McPherson Army Base in East Point, GA
Fort Gordon Army Base in Augusta, GA
Fort Gillem Army Base in Forest Park, GA
Fort Benning Army Base in Columbus, GA

Wheeler Army Airfield Base in Wahiawa, Hawaii
Pohakula Training Center Army North Central Hawaii, HI
Kunia Field Station Navy Base in Oahu
Fort Derussy Army Base in Honolulu, HI
USCG ISC Honolulu Coast Guard Base in Honolulu, HI
Station Maui Coast Guard Base in Wailuku, HI
Barking Sands Missile Range Navy Base in Kekaha, HI
NS Pearl Harbor Navy Base in Oahu, HI
Bellows Air Force Station Base in Waimanalo, HI
NCTAMS PAC Navy Base In in Wahiawa, HI
MCB Hawaii Marine Corps Base in Kaneohe, HI
Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu, HI
Tripler Medical Center Army Base in Honolulu, HI
Schofield Barracks Army Base in Oahu, HI
Fort Shafter Army Base in Honolulu, HI

Mountain Home Air Force Base in Elmore, ID

Camp Price Support Center Army Base in Granite City, IL
Rock Island Arsenal Army Base in Arsenal Island, IL
Great Lakes Training Center Navy Base North Chicago, IL
Scott Air Force Base in St Clair, IL

Camp Atterbury Army Base in Edinburgh, IN
Grissom Air Reserve Base Air Force in Kokomo, IN
NSWC Crane Division Navy Base in Martin County, IN

Iowa Army Plant Army Base in Des Moines County, IA
Fort Des Moines Army Base in Des Moines, IA
Camp Dodge Army Base in Johnston, IA

United States Disciplinary Barracks in Fort Leavenworth, KS
McConnell Air Force Base in Sedgwick, KS
Fort Riley Army Base in Riley, KS
Fort Leavenworth Army Base in Leavenworth, KS
Blue Grass Army Depot Base in Richmond, KY
Fort Knox Army Base in Hardin, KY
Fort Campbell Army Base in Hokinsville, KY
Marine Corps Support Facility in New Orleans, LA
Camp Beauregard Army Base in Pineville, LA
Joint Reserve Base New Orleans Navy New Orleans, LA
NSA New Orleans Navy Base in New Orleans, LA
Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City, LA
Fort Polk Army Base in Vernon Parish, LA
NS Portsmouth Navy Base in Portsmouth, ME
NAS Brunswick Navy Base in Brunswick, ME
Carderock Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center, MD
Naval Support Facility Thurmont/Camp David, MD
Surface Forces Logistics Coast Guard in Baltimore, MD
Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore, MD
NSF Indian Head Navy Base in Indian Head, MD
NSA Annapolis Navy Base in Annapolis, MD
NAS Patuxent River Navy Base in Lexington Park, MD
Naval Medical Center Navy Base in Bethesda, MD
Naval Academy Navy Base in Annapolis, MD
Andrews Air Force Base in Poing Mugu, CA
Fort Meade Army Base in Odenton, MD
Fort Detrick Army Base in Frederick, MD
Aberdeen Proving Ground Army Base in Aberdeen, MD
Westover Air Force Base in Westover, MA
Sector SE New England Coast Guard in Woods Hole, MA
Air Station Cape Cod Coast Guard Base in Cape Cod, MA
Fort Devens Army Base in Devens, MA
Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford, MA
Soldier Systems Center Army Base in Natick, MA
Detroit Arsenal Army Base in Warren, MI
Selfridge ANGB Air Force Base in Harrison, MI
Mississippi Ordnance Plant Army Base Monroe County, MS
Camp Shelby Army Base in Hattiesburg, MS
NS Pascagoula Navy Base in Pascagoula, MS
NAS Meridian Navy Base in Meridian, MS
Mississippi Gulfport Battalion Center
Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, MS
Gulfport Battalion Center Navy Base in Gulfport, MS
MC Mobilization Command Marine Corps in Kansas City, MO
Whiteman Air Force Base in Johnson, MO
Fort Leonard Wood Army Base in Pulaski, MO
Malmstrom Air Force Base in Cascade, MT
Offutt Air Force Base in Bellevue, NE
Hawthorne Army Depot Base in Hawthorne, NV
Creech Air Force Base in Indian Springs, NV
NAS Fallon Navy Base in Fallon, NV
Nellis Air Force Base in Clark, NV
New Hampshire
Portsmouth Shipyard Navy Base in Portsmouth, NH
New Jersey
Training Center Cape May Coast Guard Cape May, NJ
Loran Support Unit Coast Guard Base in Wildwood, NJ
Picatinny Arsenal Army Base in Morris County, NJ
Fort Monmouth Army Base in Monmouth, NJ
NAES Lakehurst Navy Base in Lakehurst, NJ
NWS Earle Navy Base in Colts Neck, NJ
Mcguire Air Force Base in New Hanover, NJ
Fort Dix Army Base in Burlington, NJ
New Mexico
Los Alamos Demolition Army Base in North Central, NM
Kirtland Air Force Base in Bernalillo, NM
Holloman Air Force Base in Otero, NM
Cannon Air Force Base in Curry, NM
White Sands Missile Range Army Base in Otero, NM
New York
Stewart ANGB
Watervilet Arsenal Army Base in Watervilet, NY
Saratoga Springs NSU Navy Base in Saratoga Springs, NY
US Military Academy Army Base in West Point, NY
Fort Hamilton Army Base in Brooklyn, NY
Fort Drum Army Base in Jefferson, NY
North Carolina
Simmons Army Airfield in Cumberland, NC
Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point Brunswick County, NC
Camp Mackall Army Base in Southern Pines, NC
National Strike Force Coast Guard in Elizabeth City, NC
Air Station Elizabeth City Coast Guard Base in Elizabeth City, NC
MCAS New River Marine Corps Base in Jacksonville, NC
MCAS Cherry Point Marine Corps Base in Havelock, NC
Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base in Onslow County, Jacksonville NC
Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro, NC
Pope Air Force Base in Manchester, NC
Fort Bragg Army Base in Fayetteville, NC
North Dakota
Minot Air Force Base in Ward, ND
Grand Forks Air Force Base in Emerado, ND
Youngstown–Warren Air Reserve Station in Vienna, OH
ISC Cleveland Coast Guard Base in Cleveland, OH
Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Montgomery, OH
Mcalester Army Ammunition Army Base in Mcalester, OK
Coast Guard Institute in Oklahoma City, OK
Container Inspection Training USCG Oklahoma City, OK
Vance Air Force Base in Enid, OK
Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City, OK
Altus Air Force Base in Altus, OK
Fort Sill Army Base in Lawton, OK
Umatilla Chemical Depot Army Base in Umatilla, OR
Naval Support Activity In Northeast Philadelphia, PA
New Cumberland Army Depot Army Base in Fairview, PA
Letterkenny Army Depot Army Base in Chambersburg, PA
NSA Mechanicsburg Navy Base in Mechanicsburg, PA
Tobyhanna Army Depot Base in Tobyhanna, PA
JRB Willow Grove Navy Base in Horsham Twp, PA
Carlisle Barracks Army Base in Carlisle, PA
Rhode Island
Station Point Judith USCG Narragansett, RHODE ISLAND
Station Castle Hill Coast Guard Newport, RHODE ISLAND
NS Newport Naval Base in Newport, RI
South Carolina
NWS Charleston Navy Base in Goose Creek, SC
Naval Hospital Charleston Navy Base North Charleston, SC
Naval Hospital Beaufort Navy Base in Beaufort, SC
MCRD Parris Island Marine Corps Base in Port Royal, SC
MCAS Beaufort Marine Corps Base in Beaufort, SC
Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, SC
Joint Base Charleston Air Force North in Charleston, SC
Fort Jackson Army Base in Columbia, SC
South Dakota
Ellsworth Air Force Base in Rapid City, SD
Milan Army Ammunition Plant Army Base in Milan, TN
Holston Army Plant Army Base in Kingsport, TN
Arnold Air Force Base in Tullahoma, TN
NSA Mid South Naval Base in Millington, TN
Medical Education and Training Campus Fort Sam Houston, TX
Corpus Christi Army Depot, TX
Biggs Army Air Field at Fort Bliss in El Paso, TX
Martindale Army Airfield Army Base in San Antonio, TX
Camp Swift Army Base in Bastrop County, TX
Camp Stanley Storage Activity Army in San Antonio, TX
Camp Mabry Army Base in Austin, TX
Camp Bullis Army Base in San Antonio, TX
Camp Bowie Army Base in Brownwood, TX
Red River Army Depot Army Base I in Bowie County, TX
NAS Kingsville Navy Base in Kingsville, TX
NS Ingleside Navy Base in Ingleside, TX
JRB Fort Worth Navy Base in Forth Worth, TX
NAS Corpus Christi Navy Base in Flour Bluff, TX
Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, TX
Randolph Air Force Base in Universal City, TX
Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio, TX
Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX
Goodfellow Air Force Base in San Angelo, TX
Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene, TX
Brooks City Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX
Fort Sam Houston Army Base in San Antonio, TX
Fort Hood Army Base in Killeen, TX
Fort Bliss Army Base in El Paso, TX
Tooele Army Depot Base in Tooele, UT
Dugway Proving Ground Army Base in Tooele County, UT
Hill Air Force Base in Ogden, UT
Naval Support Activity Hampton Roads, VA
Marine Corps Air Facility Quantico, VA
Warrenton Training Center Army Base in Alexandria, VA
Radford Army Ammunition Plant Army Base in Radford, VA
Fort Pickett Army Base in Blackstone, VA
Training Center Yorktown Coast Guard Base Yorktown, VA
Telecomo Systems Command Coast Guard Alexandria, VA
Sector Hampton Roads Coast Guard Base Portsmouth, VA
Navigation Center Coast Guard Base in Alexandria, VA
National Pollution Center Coast Guard in Arlington, VA
National Maritime Center Coast Guard in Arlington, VA
Finance Center Coast Guard Base in Chesapeake, VA
SCSC Wallops Island Navy Base in Wallops Island, VA
NSA Northwest Annex Navy Base in Chesapeake, VA
NSA Norfolk Navy Base in Norfolk, VA
Medical Center Portsmouth Navy Base in Portsmouth, VA
Joint Expeditionary Fort Story Naval Base Little Creek, VA
Fort AP Hill Army Base in Bowling Green, VA
NWS Yorktown Navy Base in Yorktown, VA
NAS Oceana Naval Base in Virginia Beach, VA
Norfolk Naval Shipyard Navy Base in Portsmouth, VA
NS Norfolk Naval Base in Norfolk, VA
NSWC Dahlgren Naval Base in Dahlgren, VA
NAB Little Creek Navy Base in Norfolk, VA
Quantico Military Reservation Marine Corps in Triangle, VA
Henderson Hall Marine Corps Base in Arlington, VA
Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, VA
Fort Myer Army Base in Arlington, VA
Fort Monroe Army Base in Hampton, VA
Fort Lee Army Base in Prince George, VA
Fort Eustis Army Base in Newport News, VA
Fort Belvoir Army Base in Fairfax, VA
Washington DC
Naval Research Laboratory Navy Base in Washington, DC
National Response Center Coast Guard in Washington, DC
Marine Safety Center Coast Guard Base in Washington, DC
Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, DC
Navy Yard Navy Base in Washington DC
The Pentagon in Washington, DC
Marine Barracks Marine Corps Base in Washington, DC
Bolling Air Force Base in Washington, DC
Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, DC
Fort McNair Army Base in Washington, DC
Naval Magazine Indian Island, WA
Camp Murray Army Base in Tacoma, WA
Yakima Training Center Army Base in Yakima, WA
Naval Hospital Bremerton Naval Base in Bremerton, WA
NAS Whidbey Island Navy Base in Oak Harbor, WA
NS Everett Navy Base in Everett, WA
Navy Base Kitsap Navy Base in Silverdale, WA
McChord Air Force Base in Tacoma, WA
Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane, WA
Fort Lewis Army Base in Pierce, WA
West Virginia
Operations Systems Center Coast Guard Martinsburg, WV
Vessel Document Center Coast Guard Falling Waters, WV
Fort McCoy Army Base near Tomah, WI
Francis E Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, WY
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