Everything Couponing 101
​  The First Coupon          with Coke-Cola,         in 1887, offering                      a 
       free sample.         ================
    Coke cost $.05 at             that time.   
​        ALWAYS be kind to the cashier. 

        There is always a manager if the checkout person has an attitude about your coupons, smile graciously and thank them for their help. They may have had a unfriendly couponer or someone who tried to trick them into honoring coupons that weren’t valid.
        Have your method of payment ready. This is especially important if a line has formed behind you while the cashier was scanning your coupons. Your fellow shoppers – and the cashier – will appreciate anything you can do to make the process smoother.
        If you have a disagreement with the cashier, go to customer service about how you are using your coupons, politely ask them if a manager is available. If the disbute cannot be solved and you believe you are still in the right, follow up with a polite letter or phone call to the company that owns the store. You’d be surprised how often you will receive a response if you keep things civil.
        If you follow these simple guidelines, you and your fellow shoppers will have a more pleasant experience.  You’ll help make sure that couponers everywhere get to continue to do what we love – find great deals.

I'm  here to help you get started on your path of becoming a savvy couponer. I will show you how to find and organize your coupons, set up the couponing systems, lead you in every way i can.

LET"S GO! Pick one or two stores; learn as much as you can about the store(s).  Join the store’s savings card program, if available. 
Find the store’s weekly ad circular online or in-store. Find out about the store’s coupon policy (get a copy), rain-check policy and senior or military discount program. Get a copy of the store layout from customer service or make your own aisle-by-aisle of the store – huge time-saver when you are organizing your coupons and making your shopping list.

COUPON--- usually a small piece of printed paper that lets you get a service or product for free or at a lower price. Most important is the EXPIRATION date, the manufacter's want you to use the coupon as soon as possible---Be a Confident Shopper by Understanding  your Coupons. 

READ THE FINE PRINT-Secondly is know what your reading.--- EXAMPLE:// ( Get .50 off when you purchase two of the item. ) Or (.50 off when you purchase one item of 20oz. or larger.)  Make sure you understand exactly which product sizes and variations are valid for purchase with each coupon. For example, if the coupon is for a 20-ounce bottle of pepsi, don’t plan to use it with a 12-ounce can of pepsi.

COUPONING---- a good strategy to save money on food, clothing and most items. Everyone eats, buys clothing, does activities, ect.-- save money doing so. It is not a get rich scheme , you really need to work at it but in the end you will find it worth it.

ORGANIZATION----The most important thing that thrifty shoppers need to know about couponing, is to be very organized.  Make sure your coupons are organized before you enter the store. Looking for coupons when you are in line can be stressful. The smoother the transactions goes,  the easier your shopping trips become.

PEEK HOURS-----If your shopping during busy hours----it can make for a very bad trip. Crowds, long lines, cashiers being frustrated. Don’t wait until the last day of the sale to shop, your store is likely to be out of the items you need!  Find out your stores ordering schedule. Then shop on the days you know they will be stocked.  Most stores receive shipments 3 times a week and it is always the same three days. Keep in mind the time of day the shipments come in. Ask if they have items in the back. Many times the store has not had time to re-stock.
Call right before you leave to see if your top 3 items are in stock. That will help you decide if it is worth a trip to the store. Try your three closest stores and choose the one that is stocked the best.

TRANSACTIONS-----The starting of a check out (including coupons)---ending with a total on your grocery slip. You may have multiple transactions in one trip!  Check your store policy to see how many you are allowed in one trip!

COUPON POLICY-----For every store you shop--you need to get the store policy, not every cashier is usually updated.  KNOW the store’s policies so you don’t have an issue when you’re in the checkout line. No one wants to get to the register and everything fall apart when your planning on saving money!  Grocery stores, retailers and local merchants will all have different coupon policies. You may be allowed to use coupons for items that are on sale in some stores, but others won’t. There are times you may get cash back if you exceed the value of your purchase, while others may not.  All stores will have different rules around rain checks, coupon and product amounts.

​You can use one store coupon and one manufacturer’s coupon per item. If you try to use more, chances are you are violating store policy or the terms of one of the coupons you are already using.

​FINDING COUPONS-------- Clipping coupons from different sources will  provide you a lots of options of products and deals. Once your ready to start getting COUPONS, you will find a lot of different ways to do this.  Make sure you get the store weekly advertisements, so you can compare with the----Newspapers, magazines, internet, e-mails, e-coupons, store cards, tear pads, store ads, the ad machines in the store isles, manufacturers, friends, family, coupon clubs, ect.

When you PRINT coupons--you can only print 2 of each item, from each coupon site!
Coupon sites change coupons about every 7 to 10 days.  Don’t use photocopied coupons. Unless the store is providing them, using photocopied coupons may be considered coupon fraud, which is against the law.

​E-Coupons or electronic coupons are a convenient way to save money at the grocery store. Free coupons load directly to your participating grocery store savings card, so there is no paper to lose or forget.  Below you find some places you can find e-coupons.
Savings Star--- <a href="http://SavingStar.ojrq.net/c/38113/85566/758">  
Here are some basic rules you should follow when couponing:

Coupon theft is on the rise. People are stealing coupon inserts either from store newspapers or from newspapers other people have already paid for. This is not being honest!

Tear Pads: Vendors put tear pads,and coupons out by products they are trying to sell.
This is a favor to the consumer.  Take a couple of these, but please do not take the whole pad or an excessive amount that is just RUDE! 
These are not put out for people to sell, this is a promotional tool to see what response that product is getting. 

Peelies- coupons found on products  These coupons are put on certain products in order to sell them faster. Do not remove them and save them for later. Buy the product and use the coupon at checkout.  These are not also not to be removed for sale.

​Blinkies-found in the aisle at the store spitting out of a black box. The box usually has a red blinking light on it.   Take a few of these---saving them for a sale if you are going to buy the product. Otherwise leave them for the next shopper.  These also are not to be sold.

Stores ads ---can be combined with manufacturers coupons, for even more savings. Please do not take a stack of ads from a store in order to hold for yourself.  You are not the only person trying to save money.

There are many couponers love getting a large amount of items for nothing (or next to nothing), only do this if you can actually use that amount. Don’t be greedy and leave the shelves bare; be considerate of your fellow shoppers and take only what you know you and your family will actually use.

Avoid shopping at 5pm, fellow shoppers are trying to buy groceries for dinner. The cashiers’, fellow shoppers that are waiting in line will get stressed out. Shop when the store tends to be less crowded, such as later at night or early in the morning.
You discover while at the store that you can’t use a coupon and it is still valid, leave it for someone else who may be able to make use of it.

The shopper behind you has one item and no coupons, you have several items and coupons, let them go ahead of you. This is common courtesy and will give 
Couponers a better name.
                              EXTREME  COUPONING


Collecting Coupons
You need to first set aside a few hours a week to find new coupons. You'll find free coupons in the mail, newspapers and on the internet. You can fine alot of coupons on the internet, so most of your time is spent looking through coupon websites.  Save those sites in some kinda of file--it makes the next search so much faster! My advice is to first gather as many coupons you can from various sources, then sort through them one by one. There are also,  websites that upload electronic coupons directly to your store rewards cards.

Grouping coupons
You will need to find out a way to keep tabs on expiration dates and maximize your coupon grouping.  Don’t rush to use the coupons immediately. In order to use coupons effectively, you will often have to use them at a later date to combine with store sales. Be aware of the expiration dates, you don’t want good coupons to go to waste.

Start a system
List all multiple coupons you have.  Make a plan to combine store coupons with manufacturer ones to increase savings. Take advantage of stores that double 
coupons for even bigger savings. Compare your coupons with the sales ads. Write your shopping list and ensure that you have the right coupons for the items included.

Stacking coupons
Combining coupons is known as ‘stacking’ and is one of the main goals used by Thrifty couponers to save big bucks. Store sales coupon ---Manufactoring
coupon.   Your favorite store is having a sale, 10 for 10, your coupon reads $.50
off.  The coupon doubles--you get the item free.  Or you have a store coupon for 
$.25, a manufactor's coupon for $.25--put them together/doubled  makes a dollar. Making that item free!

Bulk buy at bottom prices
It is essential to know when prices hit rock bottom. A general rule ,the 6-8 week cycle. Take notes of which products go on sale, That way you know that is the lowest price for that item. Keep a record of prices during sales to help you determine the best time to stock up.

Bulk buying
​When buying a large quanity of items---contact your store manager, so he or she can order more of the items you need.  This leaves items on the shelve, making everyone happy.  If you have coupons for the items ordered, let the manager know, so the cashier is aware and the items can be brought out, when picking up..  Makes your shopping smother.

Loyalty program
Signing  up for store loyalty programs, another savings. Some stores won’t allow
 non-members to shop at sale prices. You won’t be able to use on line special
coupons unless you become a member.

There are stores that accept coupons, don’t double or triple and limit their offers to store brand items.
Manufacturer coupons up to a certain value are doubled at some grocery stores.
You may use one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon per item.
If the store is out of any item you planned to buy, ask customer service for a rain check.

                                            ​Stock Piling

​Stock piling takes organization and space. Yes, its nice when your short of something, money's tight, you know that your groceries are there.  Be safe thou!

What To Stockpile 
Stockpile only the things your famiy will use, its not a savings if it just sits on a shelf!

Key steps to take:
Make a list of items you will use in a month. 
Check grocery salespapers to see what items are on sale
Check the sale prices with coupons for purchasing
Record your savings 

What Not To Do
Remember, the point is to save money and build up a reserve of useful items. 
Store items that will quickly spoil.
Check of expiration dates.Once a month is good!
Buy things most members of your family won’t eat
Buy more than you have room to store.

Stock pile storage

You will need space to store the items your going to stockpile. Somewhere cool and dark. Heat and light can add to food deterioration.
Basements provide protection, have enough room to set up metal shelving units.
Other's use a portion of their garage, for paper products and toiletries, not the best for food storage if you live in a warm area.
​Make sure its sturdy, safe, and easy access for you. Groceries get heavy fast!

How To Organize Your Stockpile
How you store the food is as important as your collection of stockpile. A monthly rotation of foods is a must in stockpiling. This keeps expiration dates in updated.

Put dry goods such as cereals,snacks,etc in seal able plastic containers eliminating bugs!.  If your concerned that water damage might occur or if you live in a flood area, make sure everything is on higher shelf's.

​Below please find an esitmate time line for products in storage!

                         Savey couponing

It takes time and commitment to locating, clipping, printing and organizing coupons. An experienced couponer knows how important it is to get organized and plans the shopping trip a head of time.
Most effective methods for organizing your coupons are below--you can choose whats best for you.

The Three-Ring Binder

1. You will want to clip both online and offline coupons, sort by categories. ( Sample list is below)  Some coupons may have a store names on them. You can use these at other stores if the store permits.

2. Sport card sleeves work great to hold coupons.  There are many pockets on each sheet, you can see the coupon and expiration date easily. You can ad tabs on the sheets for your categories.

3.You can find the sleeves at walmart, office supply stores, or at my amazon store-on this page.

4. Next you need a 3 ring notebook--it does not need to be fancy--that's your choice.  You will need a pencil holder for it.  This will hold your scissors, pen, pencils, note pad, calculator.  You can also find these items at walmart, office supply stores, or my amazon store on this page.

The Filing Box
1. You will need recipe box,index cards for notes, alphabet tabs, or tabs you can make your categories with.  (Sample list below)
​You can purchase items at walmart, office supply stores, or my amazon store on this page.

2.You will want to clip both online and offline coupons--you will have to use a paper clip to keep multiplies. I found using envelopes also to be helpful.   You can write on the front if you have several envelopes.

Expansion File
1. You will need an expansion file, tabs for categories. (Sample list below)​  You can purchase items at walmart, office supply stores, or my amazon store on this page.  

2​..You will want to clip both online and offline coupons--you will have to use a paper clips to keep multiplies. I found using envelopes also can be helpful. You can write on the front if you have several envelopes.

​Purse Coupon File
​1. This is a very small coupon holder but great for shopping.  It can hold what your planning on purchasing, plus any coupons you pick up at the store for your next visit.

​You will need to keep files for rebates,copies of receipts for rebates,and grocery receipts.  At the bottom of the receipts you will find specials you can use at a later date,

Have a folder to keep all your ads, so you have easy access.
​                Don’t Throw Away Coupons!

When clipping ---take a few minutes to clip all of them.

You may have friends, family or groups that you can give these to.

Senior Citizens Centers, Salvation Army, Community Centers, Churches, Trading groups, Coupon Clubs, Couponing parties.  You could even start your own couponing blog!

Most of all the military!
Military bases can accept and  use coupons 6 months pass there expiration dates.
For a list of Military bases you can find them on my other page!

​Courage lives on! 


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                             Sample Categories
Here are some categories--I also added some sub categories if you need to branch off the main category. ​

Cereal/dry/hot/pop tarts. ect.
Canned/veg,/tomatoes/fruit, ect.
Condements/ketsup/mustard/a-1/, ect.
Cleaning/toilet/air freshers/cleaners
Frozen, veg./f-fries/ice cream
Laundry/soap /bleach. ect.
Medical/eye,pain, first aid, ect.
Pastanoodles, macaroni, ect.

Double click here to add text.
Barcode: Is scanned at check out to tell the computer the value of your coupon
BLINKIES---Small red Boxes in the  grocery isles, below the item on sale, which spits out coupons
BOGO/BIG 1- Buy 1/ Get 1 free of the same item
BoG1 or B2Go---Buy 2 to get one free
BOTTLE TAG -------coupon found around the neck
BR-BALANCE REWARD---Walgreens reward Program
BRICK---Printable coupon
CAT or CATALINA COUPON  --- prints at the time of purchase by a separate machine next to the register
CC  ------ Competiter's coupon
CRT  ---- Cash register tape.coupons that prints on the bottom..
DND  ----- Do not double
DNT---------Do not triple
ECB  ---- (CVS)-(Extracare bucks) ------ prints at the time of purchase by a separate machine next to the register
E-Coupons--------Electronic Coupons added to loyalty cards or cell phone
ES  Easy Saver------rebate booklet
EX or X ---- Expires On
EXP  ---  Coupon Expiration Date: Do not try to use the coupon after the expiration date. The dots behind the expiration date are a security feature and should always show up, even on a black and white coupon.
EXT   ---- Excludes Travel Size
FAR  ----- Free after rebate
FILLER ---- Item Purchased to Reach a Minimum Total in Order to Get a “Deal”
FREE ITEMS COUPON---you will receive this product at no cost to you
GC  ---- Gift Card
GM----General mills coupon insert found in Sunday papers
HTH ----- Hope That Helps
HOT-----Hot deal or coupon
INSERTS----loose coupon leaflets found in Sunday papers
IP  ---- Internet printed coupon 
ISO  ---- In search of
IVC   ----- Instant Value Coupons(WAGS) ----- prints at the time of purchase by a separate machine next to the register
MIR  --- Mail in rebate
MFR or MQ --- Manufacturer Coupons
MM  -- Money Maker
NLA  --- No longer available
NED ----- No Expiration Date
NP  -- Newspaper inserts
OAS-----On any size   (Some coupons state the size to buy)
OOP ---- Out of pocket
OOS-----Out of stock
OTC----Over the counter  (Pertains to meds, drugs that  does not need a percription)
OVERAGE---Cash paid to you--when your coupon goes over the cost of the product
OYNO --- ON your next order
OYNP-------On you next purchase
PEELIES --Coupons you peel from package to use during your current purchase
PDF------Coupons that do not require installations
P&G  --- Proctor & Gamble Insert
POP----Proof of Purchase---(used when sending in a MIR)
​PRICE MATCH----Stores matching another store ad!
PRINTED COUPONS  --- Coupons printed from internet
PROMO CODE  --- Another name for online coupon code
PSA------Pricing starting at
  --- Coupon
RAIN CHECK--- A ticket that allows you to purchase an item that was out of stock at the time of a sale. This can not be done for a catalina. It can be done only on the sale price
REBATE ---A check from a Manufacturing Co. for purchasing one of there products
RP ---- Red Plum insert
RR ---- Register Rewards(WAGS)(aka Jingle Cash)-prints at the time of purchase by a separate machine next to the register
SC  --- Store coupon
SCR  -- (Rite-Aid) -----single check rebate 
SS --- Smart Source Insert
STACKING  -- Using a store coupon/w manufactured coupon on the same product.
STOCKPILE---The area where you keep all of your extra items
STOCKPILING---where lots of extra items that are not needed are stored for a long period of time
TEARPAD  ---- A pad of coupons or refunds usually found by item on sale, on store bullentin board, or by service desk
TMF  -- Try me free
UPC -- Universal product code 
USP  -- (Up reward) Rite-aid Reward program
UFT -- Up for trade
Unique Serial number: Each coupon printed has it’s own unique number in this area to detect fraudulent copies.
WFC -- Weekly flyer coupons
WYB - When you buy (when you get a free item -after you purchase so many items)
YMMV -Your miles may vary (This means the store policies may have changed due to the location of the stores)

Any abbreviation with an "e" offer means its found on the internet

​                          COUPON  ABBREVIATIONS 
                       and    DEFINITIONS
​                        ​MANUFACTURING COMPANIES

  The best coupons you can use are from the manufactured companies: Here are some and I will be adding there e-mails in the future. Contact each company--letting them know you like there products, ask if they would send you some coupons

A-1 Sauce----- http://www.a1steaksauce.com/
A.C.LaRocco---- http://www.aclarocco.com/index.html
A&W Rootbeer---- http://www.rootbeer.com
Abbott Diabetes Care-----http://www.abbottdiabetescare.com/
Abreva-------- https://www.abreva.com/ContactUs.aspx
Act II Popcorn------ http://www.actii.com/ 
Aidell’s------- http://www.aidells.com/about/contact/
Air Wick------ http://www.airwick.us/contact-us.php
Ajax Cleaning Products ----http://www.ajaxmfg.com
Alpine Lace Cheese-----​http://www.alpinelace.com/
Ambi Food Products-----http://www.ambifoods.com/about.cfm 
American Italian Pasta Company----http://www.pastalabella.com/ 
American Rice, Inc----.http://www.amrice.com/ 
American Roland Food Corporation----​http://www.rolandfood.com/
Angel Soft Products
Apple Jacks------http://www.applejacks.com/ Apple Jacks 
​Argo Cornstarch----http://www.argostarch.com/ 
Arizona Beverage Company 
Arm & Hammer----- http://www.armhammer.com/ 
Armor All 
Athens Pastries & Frozen Foods------ http://www.athens.com/ 
Aunt Jemima
Azteca Foods----- http://www.aztecafoods.com/

•Air Wick http://www.airwick.us/contact-us.php
•Airhead Candy http://www.airheads.com/Contact.aspx
•Al Fresco Sausage http://www.alfrescoallnatural.com/ContactUs.aspx?FM=1 
•Aleve http://www.aleve.com/contact_form.html
•Alexia Foods http://www.alexiafoods.com/feedback.html?91TRAD
•All LaundryDetergent http://www.all-laundry.com/#/contactus/
•Almay http://www.almay.com/Connect/Contact%20Us.aspx
•Alouette Cheese http://www.alouettecheese.com/utility/contact-us.aspx
•Alpine Lace Cheese http://www.alpinelace.com/
•Amy’s http://www.amys.com/about_us/contact.php
•Annie’s Homegrown http://www.annies.com/connect
•Apple and Eve http://www.appleandeve.com/contact_us.php
•Applegate Farms http://www.applegatefarms.com/info/ContactUs.aspx
•Aquafresh https://www.aquafresh.com/Contact.aspx
•Argo Starch http://www.argostarch.com/ContactUsHome.aspx
•Arico Foods http://aricofoods.com/contact-us
•Arizona Tea http://www.drinkarizona.com/index_national.html#subnav_contact
•Arm and Hammer http://www.econsumeraffairs.com/churchdwight/us/contactus.htm
•Armor All http://www.armorall.com/contact/
•Armour http://www.armour-eckrich.com/armoureckrichcontactus.php
•Arnold Bread http://arnold.gwbakeries.com/contactChoose.cfm
•Arrowhead Mills http://www.arrowheadmills.com/contact-us/index.php
•Asian Sensations comments@asiansensations.com
•Atkins http://www.atkins.com/ContactUs.aspx
•Attune Bars http://www.attunefoods.com/contactus/

​•Aunt Jemima http://www.pinnaclefoodscorp.com/Contact+Us
•Aveeno https://www.aveeno.com/contactus
•Azteca Foods http://www.aztecafoo

Bain de Soleil 
Baker’s Chocolatehttp://www.kraftfoods.com/bakerschocolate/ 
Ball Park Frankshttp://www.ballparkfranks.com/
Ballreich's Chips 
Banana Boat 
Banquet Meals
Barnum’s Animal Crackershttp://www.nabiscoworld.com/barnums/ 
Baskin Robbinshttp://www.baskinrobbins.com/
Bays English Muffinshttp://www.bays.com/ 
 Ben and Jerry’shttp://www.benjerry.com/
 Bernstein’s Italian Dressinghttp://www.birdseyefoods.com/bernsteins/
Best Foodshttp://www.best-foods.com/ 
 Betty Crockerhttp://www.bettycrocker.com/
Bigelow Teahttp://www.bigelowtea.com/ 
Bird’s Eyehttp://www.birdseyefoods.com/ 
Birds Eye Voila-------http://pinnaclefoods.com/company/contact-us
Birkett Mills, Thehttp://www.thebirkettmills.com/ 
Black Magi 
Blue Bunny Ice Creamhttp://www.bluebunny.com/
Blue Coral
Bob Evanshttp://www.bobevans.com
Bob's Red Millhttp://www.bobsredmill.com
​Breathe Right--- http://www.breatheright.com/contact-us
Bridgford Foodshttp://www.bridgford.com/ 
Brooks Chilihttp://www.birdseyefoods.com/brooks/
Bruce Foodshttp://www.brucefoods.com/ 
 Brummel & Brownhttp://www.brummelandbrown.com/
 Bumble Beehttp://www.bumblebee.com/
 Burleson’s Honeyhttp://www.burlesons-honey.com/
Bush's Beans----https://www.bushbeans.com/en_US/contact_us/index.jsp
Butter Budshttp://www.butterbuds.com/ 
Bagel Bites http://www.heinz.com/our-company/investor-relations/request-information.aspx
•Baker’s Inn Bread ravindernath@bakersinn.com
•Bakers Chocolate http://www.kraftfoods.com/bakerschocolate/
•Bakers Joy http://www.bakersjoy.com/contact/contact.cfm
•Ball Park Franks http://www.ballparkfranks.com/
•Ban http://www.feelbanfresh.com/optin.aspx
•Band Aid https://www.bandaid.com/contactus
•Banquet http://www.conagrafoods.com/utilities/contact.jsp
•Bar-S http://www.bar-s.com/bar-s-contact.html
•Barbara’s Bakery http://barbaras.com/contact-us/
•Barber Foods http://www.barberfoods.com/contact.asp
•Barilla Pasta http://www.barillaus.com/Home/Pages/BarillaUSContactUS.aspx
•Barnum’s Animal Crackers http://www.nabiscoworld.com/barnums/
•Bayer One A Day http://www.oneaday.com/contactus.html
•Bays English Muffins http://www.bays.com/contact/
•Bear Naked http://www.bearnaked.com/helpme_feedback.htm
•Beechnut Babyfood http://bnhelpline.herousa.com/WebConsumer.nsf/Beech-Nut?OpenForm
•Belgioiosi http://www.belgioioso.com/
•Ben and Jerry’s https://secure.benjerry.com/about-us/contact-us?
•Benecol http://www.benecol.com/vcrc/customer.jhtml
•Bernstein’s Italian Dressing http://www.birdseyefoods.com/bernsteins/
•Bertolli https://ssl.unilever.com/villabertolli.com/contact.aspx?ssl=1
•Better ‘N Eggs http://www.betterneggs.com/aboutus/contactform.cfm
•BettyCrocker http://generalmills.com/en/ContactUs.aspx
•Bic http://www.bicworld.com/inter_us/contact_us/contact_us.asp
•Bigelow Tea http://www.bigelowtea.com/
•Bio Naturae http://www.bionaturae.com/contact.html
•Birds Eye http://www.birdseyefoods.com/consumerrelations/contact.aspx
•Birdseye Voila http://pinnaclefoods.com/company/contact-us (select in drop down)
•Blistex http://www.blistex.com/contact-us/
•Blue Bunny http://www.bluebunny.com/ContactUs.aspx
•Blue Diamond Almonds http://www.bluediamond.com/applications/contact.cfm?navid=13
•Boars Head http://www.boarshead.com/contact.php
•Bob’s Red Mill http://www.bobsredmill.com/help.php?section=contactus&mode=update
•Boboli http://www.boboli.com/ContactBoboli.aspx
•Bolthouse http://info.bolthouse.com/contact.aspx
•Bolthouse Juice http://www.bolthouse.com/
•Boogie Wipes http://www.boogiewipes.com/index.php?id=19
•Boston Market http://www.bostonmarket.com/contact/index.jsp
•Bounce http://pg.custhelp.com/app/ask/p/56
•Bounty http://pg.custhelp.com/app/ask/p/57
•Brach’s Candy http://www.brachs.com/
•Brawny http://www.brawnytowels.com/faq.html
•Breathe Right http://www.breatheright.com/contact-us
•Breyers https://secure.breyers.com/contact_us.aspx
•Bridgford http://www.bridgford.com/
•Bright Beginnings http://www.brightbeginnings.com/contactus.aspx
•Brillo http://www.brillo.com/contact-us.asp
•Brita http://www.brita.com/contact-brita/
•Broughton Foods http://www.broughtonfoods.com/contact-us
•Brown Cow Farms http://www.browncowfarm.com/ContactUs/
•Brummel and Brown https://ssl.unilever.com/brummelandbrown.com/contactus.aspx
•Bubba Burger http://www.bubba-burger.com/contact-us.html
•Buddig http://www.buddig.com/contact.aspx
•Bumble Bee Tuna http://www.bumblebee.com/Contact/Default.aspx?pg=intro
•Bush’s Beans https://www.bushbeans.com/en_US/contact_us/index.jsp
•Butterball http://www.butterball.com/contact-us

Calavo Avocados and Papayashttp://www.calavo.com/ 
California Olive Ranch
California Pizza
California Sun Dryhttp://www.calsundry.com/ 
Campbell’s Select Harvest Soup
​Campbell’s Soup---http://www.campbellsoupcompany.com/Feedback.aspx
​Carl Buddighttp://www.buddig.com/ 
Carolina Turkeyhttp://www.carolinaturkeys.com/ 
Casa Fiestahttp://www.casafiesta.com/ 
Castleberry/Snow’s Brandshttp://www.castleberrys.com/ 
 Challenge Butterhttp://www.challengedairy.com/
Charleston Seafoodhttp://www.charlestonseafood.com/ 
Cheez Whizhttp://cheezwhiz.com/ 
 Chex Party Mixhttp://www.chexmix.com/
Chicken of the Seahttp://www.chickenofthesea.com/ 
Chips Ahoy!http://www.nabiscoworld.com/chipsahoy/
Clabber Girl Baking Powderhttp://www.clabbergirl.com/ 
Coffee Mate

College Inn Brothhttp://www.collegeinn.com/
ConAgra Foods 

Cool Whiphttp://www.kraftfoods.com/coolwhip
Country Bob’shttp://www.countrybobs.com/ 
 Country Crockhttp://www.countrycrock.com/ Country Crock
Country Timehttp://www.kraftfoods.com/countrytime/ct_index.html
Cream of Wheathttp://www.creamofwheat.com/
Creamette Pasta
Crisco Oil
Crystal Lighthttp://www.kraftfoods.com/crystallight/ 
Cutter Ins
Cabot Cheese http://www.cabotcheese.coop/pages/cabot/contact.php?referrer=B57
•Cadbury http://www.cadbury.com/Pages/ContactUsNew.aspx
•Calsundry http://www.calsundrytomatoes.com/index.php?option=com_contact
•Camino Real Foods http://www.caminorealkitchens.com/contact_us.html
•Campbell’s http://www.campbellsoupcompany.com/Feedback.aspx
•Cape Cod http://www.capecodchips.com/about-us/contact-us.html
•Capri Sun http://kraftfoods.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/kraftfoods.cfg/php/enduser/ask.php
•Carl Budding http://www.budding.com/
•Cascade http://homemadesimple.custhelp.com/app/ask
•Cascadian Farms http://www.cascadianfarm.com/
•Cedar Lane http://www.cedarlanefoods.com/reqinfo.asp
•Celeste Pizza http://www.celestepizzaforone.com/contact.html
•Celestial Seasonings http://www.celestialseasonings.com/contact/
•Chaquita http://www.chiquitabrands.com/CompanyInfo/ContactUs.aspx
•Charmin http://pg.custhelp.com/app/ask/p/59
•Cheer http://pg.custhelp.com/app/ask/p/33
•Cheeze-It http://www.kelloggs.com/cgi-bin/brandpages/faq/list.pl?Company=145&skin=cheez-it
•Chef Boyardee http://www.conagrafoods.com/utilities/contact.jsp?cookietest=true
•Cherry Brook http://www.cherrybrookkitchen.com/
•Chicken of the Sea http://chickenofthesea.com/contact.aspx
•Chicken of the Sea http://mymermaidclub.com/signup.aspx (they will mail you a coupon on your birthday)
•Chinet http://www.mychinet.com/about/view/16
•Chobani http://www.chobani.com/about/contact
•Clearasil http://www.clearasil.us/contact-us.php/
•Clorox http://www.clorox.com/contact.php
•Coffee Mate http://www.coffee-mate.com/ContactUs.aspx
•Cole’s Garlic Bread http://www.coles.com/contact/
•Coleman Natural http://www.colemannatural.com
•Colgate http://www.colgate.com/app/Colgate/US/Corp/ContactUs.cvsp
•Comet http://www.cust-service.org/MTC/Comments.aspx
•Complete Contact Solution http://www.amo-inc.com/about-amo/contact-us
•Conagra Foods http://www.conagrafoods.com/utilities/contact.jsp?cookietest=true
•Contadina http://www.delmonte.com/contactus/contact.aspx
•Contessa http://www.contessa.com/about/contact/
•Cook’s Ham http://cooksham.com/contact/
•Cooked Perfect http://www.homemarketfoods.com/contact/index.php
•Cottonelle https://www.cottonelle.com/contact_us.aspx
•Country Choice Organics http://www.countrychoiceorganic.com/contact_us.php
•Country Crock https://ssl.unilever.com/countrycrock.com/Contact-Us.aspx

Dasani Water
David Seeds 
Del Fratelli
Del Monte 
Driscoll's Berries 
Duncan Hines 
Daisy http://www.daisybrand.com/about-daisy/contact-us.aspx
•Dannon Danimals http://www.dannon.com/contact.aspx
•Dawn http://www.dawn-dish.com/en_US/customersupport.do
•Deerpark http://www.deerparkwater.com/#/home
•Degree Deodorant https://ssl.unilever.com/degreedeodorant.com/Contact.aspx
•Del Grossos http://www.delgrossos.com/condgf.html
•Del Monte Vegetables http://www.delmonte.com/contactus/contact.aspx
•Dial Soap http://www.henkelna.com/henkelnow-contact-us-8802.htm
•Digiorno http://kraftfoods.custhelp.com/app/contact
•Dixie http://www.dixie.com/contact.html
•Dockside Classics http://www.seafoodamerica.com/contact.html
•Dogsters http://www.jjsnack.com/contact_asp/contact_form.asp
•Dole http://www.dole.com/contactushome/tabid/1210/default.aspx#
•Domino Sugar http://www.dominosugar.com/ContactUs.aspx
•Dove http://content.dove.us/utilities/faqs/
•Downy http://www.downy.com/en-US/contact.jspx
•Draino http://www.scjbrands.com/contact/
•Dreft http://www.dreft.com/contactus/index.jsp
•Driscoll’s http://driscolls.com/tell/index.php
•Duncan Hines http://www.duncanhines.com/contact-us
•Dunkin Donuts http://www.dunkindonuts.com/
•Duracell http://pggillette.custhelp.com/app/ask
Dannon Yogurthttp://www.dannon.com/ 
Dean Foodshttp://www.deanfoods.com/ 
Del Monte Foodshttp://www.delmonte.com/ 
 Digiorno Pizza http://www.kraftfoods.com/DiGiorno/
Dole 5 A Dayhttp://www.dole5aday.com/ 
Dole Food Company, Inc.http://www.dole.com/ 
Domino Sugarhttp://www.dominosugar.com/ 
Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream http://www.dreyers.com/ 
 Duncan Hineshttp://www.duncanhines.com/
Durkee Spiceshttp://www.durkee.com/ 

Eagle One 
Earthbound Farm 
Egg Beaters 
Earth’s Best http://www.earthsbest.com/about-earths-best/contact-us
•Earthbound Farms http://www.ebfarm.com/Products/Feedback.aspx
•Eckrich http://www.johnmorrellfoodgroup.com/contacts/new
•Eden Foods http://www.edenfoods.com/contact/
•Edwards Pie http://www.edwardsdesserts.com/ContactUs.aspx
•Edy’s Ice Cream http://www.edys.com/main/contact.asp?b=105
•Eggland’s Best http://www.egglandsbest.com/contact/email/comments.aspx
•El Monterey http://www.elmonterey.com/contactus/
•Electrasol http://www.electrasol.com/
•Entemman’s http://www.entenmanns.com/
•Equal Exchange http://www.equalexchange.com/
•Equal http://www.equal.com/common/footer/customer_service.aspx
•Era http://pg.custhelp.com/app/ask/p/38
•Eucerin http://www.eucerinus.com/contactus.html
•Eukanuba http://www.eukanuba.comra Laundry
Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk http://www.eaglebrand.com/ 
 Earthbound Farm http://www.earthboundfarm.com/
Edy’s Ice Creamhttp://www.edys.com/ 
Egg Beatershttp://www.eggbeaters.com/ 
Eskimo Piehttp://www.eskimopie.com/ 
Empire Kosherhttp://www.empirekosher.com/ 
 Equal Sweetenerhttp://www.equal.com/

Fiber Choice----http://www.fiberchoice.com/en/Contact_Us.aspx#.UZl_yLWG3EY
Filippo Berio
Florida's Naturalhttp://www.floridasnatural.com/contact
Fresh Express------ http://www.freshexpress.com/contact
•Farm Rich http://farmrich.com/contact-us
•Farmland http://www.farmlandfoods.com/contact.asp
•Fast Fixin’s http://www.fastfixin.com/
•Febreze http://homemadesimple.custhelp.com/app/ask
•Fiber Choice http://www.fiberchoice.com/en/Contact_Us.aspx#.UZl_yLWG3EY
•Fiber One http://www.fiberone.com
•Finish by Electrasol http://www.finishdishwashing.com/contact-choose.php
•Fisher Boy http://www.fisherboy.com/contact-us/
•Fisher Price Diapers http://service.mattel.com/us/ContactUs.aspx
•Flat Out Bread feedback@flatoutbread.com
•Fleishmann’s Yeast http://www.breadworld.com/
•Flintstone Vitamins http://flintstonesvitamins.com/contactus/emailus.htm/
•Florida’s Natural http://www.floridasnatural.com/contact/
•Folgers http://folgers.com/contact-us/index.aspx
•Follow Your Heart http://www.followyourheart.com/contactus.php
•Foster Farms http://www.fosterfarms.com/about/contact.asp
•Freihof’s Bread http://www.freihofers.com/
•Freschetta http://www.freschetta.com/contact-us/default.aspx
•Fresh Express http://www.freshexpress.com/ContactUs.aspx
•Fresh Step Cat Litter http://www.freshstep.com/contactus.php
•Friendship Diaries http://www.friendshipdairies.com/company/contactus.html
•Frito-Lay http://www.fritolay.com/about-us/contact-us.html
•Fruitabu http://www.fruitabu.com/contactus.asp
Famous Amos Cookieshttp://www.famous-amos.com/
 Farmer Johnhttp://www.farmerjohn.com/
Fisher Nutshttp://www.fishernuts.com/ 
 Fleishmann’s Yeasthttp://www.breadworld.com/
Folgers Coffeehttp://www.folgers.com/ 
Folgers Lattehttp://www.folgerslatte.com/ 
Foster Farmshttp://www.fosterfarms.com/ 
 Franco American http://www.francoamerican.com/
 Frank’s Red Hot http://www.franksredhot.com/
Fresh Express http://www.freshexpress.com/index.asp 
Fresh from the Boat http://www.freshfromtheboat.com/ 
Frito Layhttp://www.fritolay.com/ 

General Mills
Garden of Eatin’ http://www.gardenofeatin.com/about_us/contact_us.php
•Garnier http://www.garnierusa.com/_en/_us/services/contacts.aspx
•General Mills http://www.generalmills.com/en/ContactUs.aspx
•Genisoy http://www.genisoy.com/contact/
•Georgia Pacific http://www.gp.com/
•Gerber http://www.gerber.com/Contact_Us/Default.aspx
•Germ-X http://www.germx.com/contact.aspx
•Gillette Venus http://www.gillettevenus.com/en_US/contact_us/index.jsp
•Glad http://www.glad.com/contact.php
•Glade http://www.scjbrands.com/contact/
•Glory Foods http://www.gloryfoods.com/
•Gold Circle Farms http://www.goldcirclefarms.com/
•GoodLife Recipe http://www.thegoodliferecipe.com/contact-us/default.aspx
•Gorton’s Fish http://www.gortons.com/
•Got2B http://www.henkelna.com/contact-us-6118.htm
•Greenies http://www.greenies.com/

Healthy Choice
Hebrew National
Hidden Valley
Hillshire Farm
Honest Tea
Horizon Organics
 Huggies -------http://www.huggies.com/en-US/contact-us
Haagen-Dazs http://www.haagen-dazs.com/company/contact_form.aspx
•Hanes http://www.hanes.com/
•Hansen’s Beverage http://www.hansens.com/
•Harry’s Fresh http://www.harrysfresh.com/contact.html
•Hasbro http://hasbro.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/hasbro.cfg/php/enduser/std_alp.php?p_sid=fgrcWyBk
•Hatfield http://www.hqm.com/
•Hatsfield Meats http://www.hatfieldqualitymeats.com/contact/index.aspx
•Hawaiian Punch http://www.hawaiianpunch.com/
•Health Valley http://www.healthvalley.com/contactus/index.php
•Healthy Balance http://www.healthybalance.com/
•Healthy Choice http://www.conagrafoods.com/utilities/corp_feedback.jsp
•Hebrew National http://www.conagrafoods.com/utilities/contact.jsp
•Hefty http://www.hefty.com/contact-us/
•Hefty Trash Bags http://heftybrands.pactiv.com/info/contact-us.aspx
•Heinz Gravy http://www.heinzgravy.com/crelations/contact.aspx
•Helluva Good http://www.heluvagood.com/about/aboutcontactuspe.aspx
•Herr’s http://www.herrs.com/ContactUs.asp
•Hershey’s http://www.hersheys.com/contactus/contact-us-date.asp
•Hill’s Science Diet http://www.hillspet.com/products/science-diet.html
•Hillshire Farm http://www.hillshirebrands.com/ContactUs.aspx
•Hodgson Mills http://www.hodgsonmill.com/contact-us/
•Honey Suckle White http://www.honeysucklewhite.com/Contact.aspx
•Horizon Organic http://www.horizondairy.com/static/pop_contact_form.html
•Hormel http://www.hormelfoods.com/contact.aspx
•Hostess http://www.interstatebakeriescorp.com/contactus.asp
•Hostess http://hostesscakes.com/about/
•Hot Pocket http://www.hotpockets.com/ContactUs.aspx
•Huggies http://www.huggies.com/en-US/contact-us
•Hungry Jack http://hungryjack.com/contact/
•Hungry Man http://www.pinnaclefoodscorp.com/Contact+Us
•Hunts http://www.conagrafoods.com/utilities/contact.jsp?cookietest=true

Iams------- http://iams.com/contact-us
International Delight
IQ Products
Iams http://www.iams.com/ContactUS.aspx
•Ian’s Natural http://www.iansnaturalfoods.com/contact_us.asp
•IBC Rootbeer http://www.ibcrootbeer.com/contact.aspx
•Idahoan http://www.idahoan.com/contact-us.html
•Immaculate Baking Company http://www.immaculatebaking.com/contact.php
•Izze Sodashttp://www.izze.com/contact-us/

Jack's Pizza
Jerky Treats
Jimmy Deal
Johnson & Johnson
JASON Products http://www.jason-natural.com/about_us/contact_us.php
•Jennie-O Turkey http://www.jennieo.com/contactus
•Jet Puffed Marshmallows http://www.kraftfoods.com/jetpuffed/
•Jiffy http://www.jiffymix.com/index.php/contact-us/
•Jimmy Dean http://www.saralee.om/ContactUs.aspx
•John Frieda sign up for their Elite Club http://www.johnfrieda.com/en-US/Elite/Account/Login
•John Morrell http://www.johnmorrell.com/contact.aspx
•Johnson & Johnson https://secure-www.jnj.com/wps/wcm/jsp/contactUs.jsp
•Johnson’s Baby https://www.johnsonsbaby.com/contact-us.jsp
•Johnsonville http://www.johnsonville.com/home/contact-us.html
•Jolly Time Popcorn http://www.jollytime.com/contact
•Jose Ole http://www.joseole.com/contactUs.php
•Juicy Juice http://www.juicyjuice.com/Public/Contact-Us.aspx

Kellogg’s Products
Ken’s Foods, Inc
Kibbles ‘n Bits
Kid Cuisine
Kool-Aid Products
Kozy Shack
Kraft Foods
Kahiki http://www.kahiki.com/contact.html
•Kangaroo http://kangaroobrands.com/about-us
•Karo Syrup http://www.karosyrup.com/ContactUsHome.aspx
•Kashi http://kashi.com/meet_us/contact
•Keebler http://keebler.com/contactus.html
•Ken’s http://www.kensfoods.com/kf/contactUs.servlet
•Kettle Chips http://www.kettlefoods.com/contact/contact_kettle/
•King Arthur Flour http://www.kingarthurflour.com/contact
•Kings Hawaiian http://www.kingshawaiian.com/contact-us/
•Kingsford Charcoal http://www.kingsford.com/contact/index.htm
•Kiss My Face http://www.kissmyface.com/contact.html
•Knorr https://ssl.unilever.com/www.letsmakeknorr.com/contactus.aspx?nav=30
•Knudsen Juices http://www.knudsenjuices.com/
•Kool-aid http://kraftfoods.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/kraftfoods.cfg/php/enduser/ask.php
•Kotex http://www.kotex.com/na/ContactUs.aspx
•Kozy Shack http://www.kozyshack.com/contactus.html

La Choy
Land O Lakes
Lea & Perrins
Little Hugs
Loreal Paris
Lactaid http://www.lactaid.com/
•Lady Speed Stick http://www.mennen.com/
•Lakeview Farms http://www.lakeviewfarms.com/contact.php
•Lance Snacks http://www.lance.com/contact/
•Land O Lakes http://www.landolakes.com/
•Lansinoh http://www.lansinoh.com/content/contact-us
•Laughing Cow Cheese http://www.thelaughingcow.com/contact-us/
•Laura’s Lean Beef http://www.laurasleanbeef.com/companyInfo/contactUs.php
•Lean Cuisine http://www.leancuisine.com/Index/ContactUs.aspx
•Light Life http://www.lightlife.com/contact.jsp
•Lindsay Olives http://www.lindsayolives.com/about-lindsay/contact-us.html
•Ling-Ling http://www.ling-ling.com/contactUs/index.html
•Lipton http://www.liptont.com/
•Litehouse Foods http://www.litehousefoods.com/Contact_Email.asp
•Little Bear Foods http://www.littlebearfoods.com/about_us/contact_us.php
•Little Crow Foods http://www.littlecrowfoods.com/contact_us/index.cfm
•Lotus Foods http://www.worldpantry.com/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/ExecMacro/lotus/contact.d2w/report
•Louis Kemp http://www.louiskemp.com/contactus.php
•Lucky Leaf http://www.knouse.com/ContactForm.aspx
•Luigi’s Ice http://www.luigis.com/contact.aspx?parents=83
•Luigi’s Italian Ice http://www.luigis.co/
•Luna Bar http://www.lunabar.com/story/contact/
•Lundberg Family Farms http://www.lundberg.com/Info/Contact_Us.aspx
•Luvs http://pg.custhelp.com/app/ask/p/63
•Lysol http://www.lysol.com/corporate/contact-us/contact-choose/

​Mambo Sprouts
Marie Callender’s
McEvoy Ranch
Meaty Bone
Meow Mix
Met Rx----- https://www.metrx.com/contact/default.aspx 
Milo’s Kitchen
Mr. Clean
Mr & Mrs T Beverages
Mrs. Dash
Mrs T's Pierogies
Mountain Dew
Mt. Olive Pickles
Mahatma Rice http://www.mahatmarice.com/en-us/contact_us/default.aspx
•Malt-o-Meal http://www.malt-o-meal.com/contact-us/contact-us.php
•Mama Mary’s http://www.mamamarys.com/html/contact_mamamarys/questions.php
•Mama Rosie’s Pasta http://www.mamarosies.com/contact.php
•Mann’s http://www.mannpacking.com/contact.html
•Manwich http://www.conagrafoods.com/utilities/contact.jsp#
•Mardi Gras http://www.gp.com/
•Marie Callender’s http://www.mariepies.com/contact.php
•Mario Olives http://www.mariocamachofoods.com/Public/contact.aspx
•Market Chicken http://pages.smartchicken.com/SandhillsEdit/contact.aspx
•Mars Ice Cream http://www.mars.com/global/contact-us.aspx
•Martinelli’s http://www.martinellis.com/contact.shtml
•Marzetti http://www.marzetti.com/contact_us/
•Mazola http://www.mazola.com/contactus.aspx?b=wc&bsid=wcsid
•McCain Fries http://www.mccainusa.com/contactus.aspx
•McCormick http://mccormick.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/mccormick.cfg/php/enduser/std_alp.php?p_sid=laSJSyBk
•Melissa’s http://www.melissas.com
•Melitta Coffee http://www.melitta.com/contact,184.html
•Met Rx https://www.metrx.com/contact/default.aspx
•Method http://www.methodhome.com/overlay/contact-us.aspx
•Mezzetta http://www.mezzetta.com/contact/
•Michael Angelos http://www.michaelangelos.com/contactus.php
•Michelena’s http://www.michelinas.com/
•Michelina’s http://www.michelinas.com/contact-us/
•Minute Rice http://www.minuterice.com/contact_us/default.aspx
•Miracle Whip http://kraftfoods.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/kraftfoods.cfg/php/enduser/ask.php
•Mission Foods http://qa.missionfoods.com/qualityinternet/missioncontactus.html
•Molly McButter http://www.mollymcbutter.com/c.cfm
•Monster Energy Drink http://www.monsterenergy.com/web/guest/contact
•Morningstar Farms http://www.morningstarfarms.com/contact_us.aspx
•Morton Salt http://www.mortonsalt.com/contact_us/index.html
•Motrin https://www.motrin.com/page.jhtml?id=/motrin/include/4_0.inc
•Mott’s http://www.motts.com/
•Mrs Richardsons http://brfoods.com/contact-info-request/
•Mrs Smith’s http://www.mrssmiths.com/contact-us.aspx
•Mrs T Pierogies http://www.pierogies.com/retail/contact.asp
•Mrs. Dash http://www.mrsdash.com/
•Mrs. Grass http://www.wylers.com/Gdetails/mg_contact.aspx
•Mrs. Pauls http://www.pinnaclefoodscorp.com/?aspxerrorpath=/contactpinnacle/
•Mrs. Smith’s http://www.mrssmiths.com/
•Mrs. T’s Pierogies http://www.mrsts.com/
•Mt Olive Pickles http://www.mtolivepickles.com/Feedback/contact.html
•Muir Glen http://www.muirglen.com/about.aspx
•Murry’s http://www.murrys.com/
•Mussleman’s Applesauce http://www.knouse.com/

Nabisco World
Nair Hair Remover
Natural Dentist, The
Nature Made Vitamins
Nature’s Bounty
Nature’s Recipe
Nescafe’ Taster’s Choice
Nestle’ Family
New York Breads
Nivea --- http://www.niveausa.com/about-us/beiersdorf/contact-us
Northland Juices
Northern Products
NOW Foods
Nu FinishNabisco http://kraftfoods.custhelp.com/app/contact
•Naked Juice http://cr.nakedjuice.com/usen/nakedusen.cfm?date=20110721
•Nathan’s Hotdogs http://nathansfamous.com/PageFetch/contact.php
•Natural Value http://www.naturalvalue.com/
•Nature’s Own Breads http://www.naturesownbread.com/
•Nestle Candy http://www.nestleusa.com/Public/ContactUs.aspx
​•New York Garlic Bread http://www.marzetti.com/contact_us/
•Newman’s Own https://clientfeedback.strquality.com/newmansown/default.aspx
•Nexcare http://www.nexcare.com/
•Nissin Noodles http://www.nissinfoods.com/
•Nivea http://www.niveausa.com/about-us/beiersdorf/contact-us
•No Yolks http://www.stromproducts.com/contact-us/
•Northland Juice http://www.northlandjuices.com/contact.php
•Nylabone http://www.nylabone.com/contact/

Ocean Spray---- http://www.oceanspray.com/Who-We-Are/Contact-Us.aspx 
Organic Valley
Orville Redenbacher’s
Oscar Mayer
Osteo Bi-Flex
Oberto Beef Jerky http://www.eatlikeanalpha.com/legal/contact.html
•Ocean Spray http://www.oceanspray.com/Who-We-Are/Contact-Us.aspx
•Odwalla http://www.odwalla.com/
•Olay http://www.olay.com/Pages/TalktoOlay.aspx
•Old El Paso http://generalmills.com/en/ContactUs.aspx
•Old Orchard http://www.oldorchardjuice.com/go/forms/contact-us-products/
•Olivio customerservice@olivioproducts.com
•Olivio http://www.olivioproducts.com/
•On-Cor http://www.on-cor.com/contact.html
•Oral-B http://www.oralb.com/contact/
•Ore Ida http://www.oreida.com/contact/index.aspx
•Oregon Chai http://www.oregonchai.com/contact_us/
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​                        Couponing is your own business.

                        Wow!  Where do I start!  Research!
                        Well---I've done the work for you!

                       1.    You set goals. 
                       2.    What do I need to reach my goal?
                       3.    How much do I need to save each week
​                                  ( start small -it will grow)
                       4.   How many hours do I have to spare.
                       5.   Get family, friends, neighbors, work buddies on                                      board
                       6.   I guarantee coupons grow fast.

                                      LET'S GET STARTED!

YOU must ASK for your discount !

Applebee's: 15% off with Golden Apple Card (60+)
Arby's: 10% off ( 55 +)
Ben & Jerry's: 10% off (60+)
Bennigan's: discount varies by location (60+)
Bob's Big Boy: discount varies by location (60+)
Boston Market: 10% off (65+)
Burger King: 10% off (60+)
Chick-Fil-A: 10% off or free small drink or coffee ( 55+)
Chili's: 10% off ( 55+)
CiCi's Pizza: 10% off (60+)
Denny's: 10% off, 20% off for AARP members ( 55 +)
Dunkin' Donuts: 10% off or free coffee ( 55+)
Einstein's Bagels: 10% off baker's dozen of bagels (60+)
Fuddrucker's: 10% off any senior platter ( 55+)
Gatti's Pizza: 10% off (60+)
Golden Corral: 10% off (60+)
Hardee's: $0.33 beverages everyday (65+)
IHOP: 10% off ( 55+)
Jack in the Box: up to 20% off ( 55+)
KFC: free small drink with any meal ( 55+)
Krispy Kreme: 10% off ( 50+)
Long John Silver's: various discounts at locations ( 55+)
McDonald's: discounts on coffee everyday ( 55+)
Mrs. Fields: 10% off at participating locations (60+)
Shoney's: 10% off
Sonic: 10% off or free beverage (60+)
Steak 'n Shake: 10% off every Monday & Tuesday ( 50+)
Subway: 10% off (60+)
Sweet Tomatoes: 10% off (62+)
Taco Bell : 5% off; free beverages for seniors (65+)
TCBY: 10% off ( 55+)
Tea Room Cafe: 10% off ( 50+)
Village Inn: 10% off (60+)
Waffle House: 10% off every Monday (60+)
Wendy's: 10% off ( 55 +)
Whataburger: 10% off (62+)
White Castle: 10% off (62+) This is for me ... if I ever see one again.

Banana Republic: 30% off ( 50 +)
Bealls: 20% off first Tuesday of each month ( 50 +)
Belk's: 15% off first Tuesday of every month ( 55 +)
Big Lots: 30% off
Bon-Ton Department Stores: 15% off on senior discount days ( 55 +)
C.J. Banks: 10% off every Wednesday (50+)
Clarks : 10% off (62+)
Dress Barn: 20% off ( 55+)
Goodwill: 10% off one day a week (date varies by location)
Hallmark: 10% off one day a week (date varies by location)
Kmart: 40% off (Wednesdays only) ( 50+)
Kohl's: 15% off (60+)Modell's Sporting Goods: 30% off
Rite Aid: 10% off on Tuesdays & 10% off prescriptions
Ross Stores: 10% off every Tuesday ( 55+)
The Salvation Army Thrift Stores: up to 50% off ( 55+)
Stein Mart: 20% off red dot/clearance items first Monday of every month ( 55 +)

Albertson's: 10% off first Wednesday of each month ( 55 +)
American Discount Stores: 10% off every Monday ( 50 +)
Compare Foods Supermarket: 10% off every Wednesday (60+)
DeCicco Family Markets: 5% off every Wednesday (60+)
Food Lion: 60% off every Monday (60+)
Fry's Supermarket: free Fry's VIP Club Membership & 10% off every Monday ( 55 +)
Great Valu Food Store: 5% off every Tuesday (60+)
Gristedes Supermarket: 10% off every Tuesday (60+)
Harris Teeter: 5% off every Tuesday (60+)
Hy-Vee: 5% off one day a week (date varies by location)
Kroger: 10% off (date varies by location)
Morton Williams Supermarket: 5% off every Tuesday (60+)
The Plant Shed: 10% off every Tuesday ( 50 +)
Publix: 15% off every Wednesday ( 55 +)
Rogers Marketplace: 5% off every Thursday (60+)
Uncle Guiseppe's Marketplace: 15% off (62+)

Alaska Airlines: 50% off (65+)
American Airlines: various discounts for 50% off non-peak periods (Tuesdays - Thursdays) (62+)and up (call before booking for discount)
Continental Airlines: no initiation fee for Continental Presidents Club & special fares for select destinations
Southwest Airlines: various discounts for ages 65 and up (call before booking for discount)
United Airlines: various discounts for ages 65 and up (call before booking for discount)
U.S. Airways: various discounts for ages 65 and up (call before booking for discount)

Amtrak: 15% off (62+)

Greyhound: 15% off (62+)
Trailways Transportation System: various discounts for ages 50+

Car Rental:
Alamo Car Rental: up to 25% off for AARP members
Avis: up to 25% off for AARP members
Budget Rental Cars: 40% off; up to 50% off for AARP members ( 50+)
Dollar Rent-A-Car: 10% off ( 50+) Enterprise Rent-A-Car: 5% off for AARP members Hertz: up to 25% off for AARP members
National Rent-A-Car: up to 30% off for AARP members

Overnight Accommodations:
Holiday Inn: 20-40% off depending on location (62+)
Best Western: 40% off (55+)
Cambria Suites: 20%-30% off (60+)
Waldorf Astoria - NYC $5,000 off nightly rate for Presidential Suite (55 +)
Clarion Motels: 20%-30% off (60+)
Comfort Inn: 20%-30% off (60+)
Comfort Suites: 20%-30% off (60+)
Econo Lodge: 40% off (60+)
Hampton Inns & Suites: 40% off when booked 72 hours in advance
Hyatt Hotels: 25%-50% off (62+)
InterContinental Hotels Group: various discounts at all hotels (65+)
Mainstay Suites: 10% off with Mature Traveler's Discount (50+); 20%-30% off (60+)
Marriott Hotels: 25% off (62+)
Motel 6: Stay Free Sunday nights (60+)
Myrtle Beach Resort: 30% off ( 55 +)
Quality Inn: 40%-50% off (60+)
Rodeway Inn: 20%-30% off (60+)
Sleep Inn: 40% off (60+)

AMC Theaters: up to 30% off ( 55 +)
Bally Total Fitness: $100 off memberships (62+)
Busch Gardens Tampa, FL: $13 off one-day tickets ( 50 +)
Carmike Cinemas: 35% off (65+)
Cinemark/Century Theaters: up to 35% off
Massage Envy - NYC 20% off all "Happy Endings" (62 +)
U.S. National Parks: $10 lifetime pass; 50% off additional services including camping (62+)
Regal Cinemas: 50% off Ripley's Believe it or Not: @ off one-day ticket ( 55 +)
SeaWorld, Orlando , FL : $3 off one-day tickets ( 50 +)

AT&T: Special Senior Nation 200 Plan $19.99/month (65+)
Jitterbug: $10/month cell phone service ( 50 +)
Verizon Wireless: Verizon Nationwide 65 Plus Plan $29.99/month (65+).

Great Clips: $8 off hair cuts (60+)
Supercuts: $8 off haircuts (60+)

NOW, go out there and claim your discounts - - and remember -- YOU must ASK for discount ---- no ask, no discount.

Direct Links to Contact info on websitess.com/contact 
Fiber Choice http://www.fiberchoice.com/en/Contact_Us.aspx#.UZl_yLWG3EY
Duncan Hines http://www.duncanhines.com/contact-us 
Whiskas http://whiskas.com
John Friedahttp://www.johnfrieda.com/
Chicken of the Sea http://mymermaidclub.com/signup.aspx
Kings Hawaiian http://www.kingshawaiian.com/contact-us/ 
Florida's Natural http://www.floridasnatural.com/contact/ 
Hefty http://www.hefty.com/contact-us/ 
Jose Ole http://www.joseole.com/contact-us/ 
Mt Olive http://www.mtolivepickles.com/contact-us 
Cape Cod http://www.capecodchips.com/about-us/contact-us.html 
Michelina's http://www.michelinas.com/contact-us/ 
Zatarain's http://www.zatarains.com/Zatarains/layouts/Contactus.aspx 
Welch's http://www.welchs.com/about-welchs/contact 
Farm Richhttp://farmrich.com/node/add/contact 
Stonyfield http://www.stonyfield.com/contact-us
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Gilroy Foodshttp://www.gilroyfoods.com/ 
Godiva Chocolatier, Inc.http://www.godiva.com/ 
 Gold Kist Farmshttp://www.goldkist.com/
 Good Seasonshttp://www.kraftfoods.com/goodseasons/
Gorton’s Fishhttp://www.gortons.com/ 
Goya Foodshttp://www.goyafoods.com/ 
Grandma’s Molasseshttp://www.grandmasmolasses.com/ 
Gravy Masterhttp://rbcweb.shopfactory.com/index.html
Green Gianthttp://www.greengiant.com/
 Guiltless Gourmethttp://guiltlessgourmet.com/
Hawaii’s Own Tropical Blendshttp://www.hawaiisown.com/ 
Healthy Choicehttp://www.healthychoice.com/ 
Healthy Requesthttp://www.healthyrequest.com/ 
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 Honey Baked Ham Companyhttp://www.honeybaked.com/
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Honeysuckle White Turkeyhttp://www.honeysucklewhite.com/ 
Hormel Foodshttp://www.hormel.com/ 
 Jelly Bellyhttp://www.jellybelly.com/
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Jif Peanut Butterhttp://www.jif.com/ 
Jiffy Mixhttp://www.jiffymix.com/ 
Jimmy Deanhttp://www.jimmydean.com/ 
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Kelloggs Rice Krispieshttp://www.ricekrispies.com/ 
King Arthur Flourhttp://www.kingarthurflour.com/ 
Knox Gelatinehttp://www.kraftfoods.com/knox/ 
Kozy Shack Puddings and Dessertshttp://www.kozyshack.com/ 
Kraft Interactive Kitchenhttp://www.kraftfoods.com/ 
Lee Kum Kee Oyster Saucehttp://www.lkk.com/ 
Libby’s Pumpkinhttp://www.verybestbaking.com/products/libbys/ 
Life Cerealhttp://www.lifecereal.com/ 
Lindt of Switzerlandhttp://www.lindt.com/ 
Lipton Recipe Secrets Databasehttp://www.recipesecrets.com/ 
Lipton Teahttp://www.liptont.com/ 
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Mariners Cove Souphttp://www.birdseyefoods.com/mariners/ 
 Mars, Inc.http://www.mars.com/
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                      CVS COUPON POLICY

                       DOLLAR STORE COUPON POLICY

​                           FAMILY DOLLAR POLICY
www.familydollar.com/Documents/PDFs/coupon-policy-041513.pdf · PDF file
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​                        WINN DIXIE COUPON POLICY
                          WALMART COUPON MATCH_UP
   Well----I have been told several times that using coupons are a waste of time. To some of you maybe this is true.
   Do you know I've seen coupons sit on desks, tables, ect. ---to be shuffled threw a couple times and put back there.   Never to be touched again till there in the trash.
  I have never seen coupons grow legs, read ads, drive to the store, pick up the products---collect the savings!
  It does take work and I will do my best to show you how!

 Coupons Unlimited -- https://www.facebook.com/dle1954/                                More Pages above you may like!                          RimmAssociates Q-pons---https://www.facebook.com/Ra.qpons
 Coupons Unlimited !!!!!!!! --https://www.facebook.com/groups/loveabledee1954/                                                                                      Darlene's Coupon's--https://www.facebook.com/groups/DarlenesCouponsUnlimited/
​Food item:                                                                Pantry |Room Temperature          Refridgerator|33°F-40°F           Freezer|3              Bread & Cereal Products
Baked quick breads                                              4-5 days                                       1-2 weeks                                2-3 months
Bread                                                                         5-7 days                                       1-2 weeks                                2-3 months
Bread crumbs and croutons                              6 months
Cereals, ready-to-cook                                         6 months
Corn meal                                                                 1 year                                            18 months                              2 years
Doughnuts                                                                                                                       4-5 days                                 3 months
Flour, all-purpose, white                                        6-8 months                                  1 year                                      1-2 years
Flour, whole wheat                                                  6-8 months                                  1-2 years
Pasta                                                                                                                                  2 years
Pies and pastries                                                                                                            3 days                                     2-3 months
Pies and pastries, baked                                                                                                                                       1-2 months
Pies and pastries, cream-filled                                                                                 2-3 days                             3 months
Pizza                                                                                                                                3-4 days                            1-2 months
Rice, brown                                                                               6 months
Rice, white                                                                                 1 year                        6-7 days                              6 months
Tacos, enchiladas, and burritos,                                                                              2 weeks                             1 year
Waffles                                                                                                                           4-5 days                              1 month
​Food item:                                                            Pantry |Room Temperature           Refridgerator|33°F-40°F           Freezer|32°F
   Packaged Foods & Mixes
Biscuit, brownie, and muffin mixes                                 9 months
Cakes, prepared                                                                                                            2-4 days                          2-3 months
Cake mixes                                                                          6-9 months
Casserole mix                                                                     9-12 months
Chili powder                                                                         6 months
Cookies, packaged                                                             2 months                                                                   8-12 months
Crackers, pretzels                                                               3 months
Frosting, canned                                                                 3 months
Frosting, mix                                                                         8 months
Fruit cake                                                                                                                         2-3 months                          1 year
Hot roll mix18 months
Instant breakfast products                                                6 months
Pancake and piecrust mix                                                 6 months
Pancake waffle batter                                                                                                    1-2 days                               3 months
Toaster pastries                                                                                                                                                              3 months
Sauce and gravy mixes                                                      6 months
Soup mixes                                                                           1 year
Food item:                                                               Pantry |Room Temperature     Refridgerator|33°F-40°F               Freezer|32°F 
 Spices, Herbs, Condiments, & Extracts
Catsup, chili, and cocktail sauce                                                                                       1 year
Herbs                                                                                                                                6 months                           1-2 years
Herb/spice blends                                                       2 years                                                                                 1-2 years
Mustard                                                                          2 years                                    6-8 months*                        8-12 months
Spices, ground                                                            6 months                                                                               1-2 years
Spices, whole                                                              1-2 years                                                                               2-3 years
Vanilla extract                                                              2 years
Other extracts                                                               1 year

Food item:                                                               Pantry |Room Temperature        Refridgerator|33°F-40°F               Freezer|32°F
                 Other Food Staples
Bacon bits                                                                                                                         4 months
Baking powder                                                              18 months
Baking soda                                                                   2 years
Bouillon products                                                         1 year
Carbonated soft drinks (12 oz cans)                         6-9 months
Carbonated soft drinks, diet (12 oz cans)                3-4 months
Chocolate, pre-melted                                                   1 year
Chocolate syrup                                                             2 years                                        6 months*
Chocolate, semisweet                                                   2 years
Chocolate, unsweetened                                          18 months
Cocoa mixes                                                                  8 months                                   
Coconut, shredded                                                      6 months*                                   8 months                          1 year
Coffee cans                                                                 3-5 months                                  1-2 years
Coffee, instant                                                         2-20 yearsindefinite
Coffee, vacuum-packed                                                 1 year
Coffee lighteners (dry)                                                  9 months                                                                             1 year
Cornstarch                                                                  18 months                                                                              2 years
Gelatin                                                                          18 months
Honey, jams, jellies, and syrup                                      1 year                                         6-8 months*
Marshmallows                                                            2-3 months
Marshmallow cream                                                  3-4 months
Mayonnaise                                                                2-3 months                                       12 months
Molasses                                                                        2 years
Nuts, shelled                                                                  4 months                                         6 months
Nuts, unshelled                                                              6 months
Nuts, salted                                                                 6-8 months
Nuts, unsalted                                                           9-12 months
Oil, salad                                                                         3 months
Parmesan grated cheese                                         10 months
Pasteurized process cheese spread                       3 months                                      3-4 weeks*                       4 months
Peanut butter                                                                6-9 months                                    4-6 months
Popcorn                                                                         1-2 years                                           2 years                        2-3 years
Pectin                                                                             1 year
Salad dressings, bottles                                            1 year                                            3 months*
Soft drinks                                                                      3 months
Artificial sweetener                                                       2 years
Sugar, brown                                                                  4 months
Sugar, confectioners                                                  18 months
Sugar, granulated                                                          2 years
Tea bags                                                                       18 months
Tea, instant                                                                     2 years
Vegetable oils                                                               6 months
Vegetable shortening                                                 3 months                                            6-9 months
Vinegar                                                                             2 years
Water, bottled                                                                1-2 years
Whipped topping (dry)                                                      1 year
Yeast, dryPkg.                                                               exp. date

Food item:                                                     Pantry |Room TemperatureRefridgerator|33°F-40°FFreezer|32°F
Asparagus                                                                   2-3 days8 months
Beets2 weeks
Broccoli3-5 days
Brussels sprouts3-5 days
Cabbage1 week
Carrots2 weeks
Cauliflower1 week
Celery1 week
Corn (husks)1-2 days8 months
Cucumbers1 week
Eggplant1 week
Green beans1-2 days8 months
Green peas3-5 days8 months
Lettuce1 week
Lima beans3-5 days8 months
Mushrooms2 days
Onions1 week3-5 days
Onion rings (precooked, frozen)1 year
Peppers1 week
Pickles, canned1 year1 month*
Frozen potatoes8 months
Sweet potatoes2-3 weeks
White potatoes2-3 months
Potato chips1 month
Radishes2 weeks
Rhubarb3-5 days
Rutabagas1 week
Snap beans1 week
Spinach5-7 days8 months
Squash, Summer3-5 days
Squash, Winter1 week
Tomatoes1 week
Turnips2 weeks
Commercial baby food, jars1-2 years2-3 days
Canned vegetables1 year3-5 days*
Canned vegetables, pickled1 year1-2 months*
Dried vegetables6 months
Frozen vegetables8 months
Vegetable soup3-4 days3 months

                                     Food item:Pantry |Room TemperatureRefridgerator|33°F-40°FFreezer|32°F
ApplesUntil ripe                            1 month
ApricotsUntil ripe                           5 days
AvocadosUntil ripe                         5 days
BananasUntil ripe5 days (fully ripe)
BerriesUntil ripe3 days
Canned fruit1 year2-4 days*
Canned fruit juices1 year3-5 days*
CherriesUntil ripe3 days
Citrus fruitUntil ripe2 weeks
Dried fruit6 months2-4 days
Frozen fruit1 year
Fruit juice concentrate6 days1 year
Fruit pies, baked2-3 days8 months
Fruit, pre-cut, freshUntil ripe2-4 days1 year
GrapesUntil ripe5 days
MelonsUntil ripe5 days
NectarinesUntil ripe5 days
PeachesUntil ripe5 days1 year
PearsUntil ripe5 days1 year
PineappleUntil ripe5-7 days1 year
PlumsUntil ripe5 days

                                    Food item:Pantry |Room TemperatureRefridgerator|33°F-40°F l Freezer|32°F
Dairy Products
Butter                                                                               1-2 months                       9 months
Buttermilk                                                                            2 weeks
Cottage cheese                                                                    1 week                           3 months
Cream cheese                                                                      2 weeks
Cream- light, heavy, half-and-half                                         3-4 days                         1-4 months
Eggnog, commercial                                                           3-5 days                            6 months
Margarine                                                                           4-5 months                      12 months
Condensed,evaporated.dry milk         12-23 months               8-20 days*
Milk                                                                                    8-20 days                         3 months
Ice cream and sherbet                                                                                                 2 months
Hard natural cheese ( i.e. Cheddar, Swiss)                             3-6 months                        6 months
Eggs3-4 weeks*1 year
Processed cheese                                                               3-4 weeks                        6-8 months
Soft cheese (i.e. brie)                                                             1 week                             6 months
Pudding                                                                              1-2 days*
Snack dips                                                                            1 week*
Sour cream                                                                            2 weeks
Non-dairy whipped cream,                                            canned3 months
Real whipped cream,                                                 canned3-4 weeks
Yogurt2 weeks1-2 months

                                     Food item:Pantry |Room TemperatureRefridgerator|33°F-40°F l Freezer|32°F
Beef, Bison, Pork, Veal, & Ham
Fresh beef and bison steaks                                                    3-5 days                      6-9 months
Fresh beef and bison roasts                                                     3-5 days                    9-12 months
Fresh pork chops                                                                    3-5 days                      4-6 months
Fresh lamb chops                                                                    3-5 days                     6-8 months
Fresh veal                                                                              1-2 days                      4-6 months
Fresh ground meat (i.e. beef, bison, veal, lamb)                         1-2 days                     4-6 months
Cooked meat                                                                          2-3 days                     2-3 months
Ham, whole1 week1-2 months
Ham, canned6-9 months
Ham, cook before eating1 week
Ham, fully cooked2 weeks
Ham, dry-cured1 year1 month
Ham salad, store prepared or homemade3-5 days
Food item:Pantry |Room TemperatureRefridgerator|33°F-40°FFreezer|32°F
Fish & Shellfish
No items
Food item:Pantry |Room TemperatureRefridgerator|33°F-40°FFreezer|32°F
No items
Food item:Pantry |Room TemperatureRefridgerator|33°F-40°FFreezer|32°F
No items
Food item:Pantry |Room TemperatureRefridgerator|33°F-40°FFreezer|32°F
Wild Game
No items

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5. Cole’s Garlic Bread http://www.coles.com/
6. Arm & Hammer http://www.armandhammer.com/
7. Windex http://www.windex.com/(FREE Product coupon)
8. Uncle Ben’s http://www.unclebens.com/
9. Whiskas http://www.whiskas.com/
10. Lipton http://www.liptont.com/
11. Zatarains http://www.zatarains.com/
12. Mrs. T’s Pierogies http://www.mrsts.com/
13. 9 Lives http://www.9lives.com/
14. Barber Foods http://www.barberfoods.com/
15. Banquet http://www.banquet.com/
16. Del Monte Veggies http://www.delmonte.com/
17. Blue Diamond http://www.bluediamond.com/
18. Florida’s Natural http://www.floridasnatural.com/
19. Campbell’s http://www.campbellkitchen.com/ ($2.00 off any Campbell products)
20. Jose Ole http://www.joseole.com/
21. Malt O Meal http://www.malt-o-meal.com/
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23. Tillamook http://www.tillamookcheese.com/
24. Michelena’s http://www.michelinas.com/ (2 FREE Michelena coupons)
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26. Luigi’s Italian Ice http://www.luigis.co/
27. Thomas’ http://www.thomas.gwbakeries.com/
28. Hostess http://www.twinkies.com/
29. Edy’s http://www.edys.com/
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31. Hatfield http://www.hqm.com/
32. Hillshire Farm http://www.hillshirefarm.com/
33. Bic http://www.bicworld.com/
34. Eucerin http://www.eucerin.com/
35. Farm Rich http://www.farmrichfun.com/
36. Kozy Shack http://www.kozyshack.com/
37. Mt. Olive http://www.mtolivepickles.com/

38. Pilgrim’s Pride http://www.pilgrimspride.com/
39. Healthy Balance http://www.healthybalance.com/
40. Mrs. Smith’s http://www.mrssmiths.com/
41. Helluva Good http://www.helluvagood.com/
42. Perdue http://www.perdue.com/
43. Viva Paper Towel http://www.vivatowels.com/
44. Edward’s Pies http://www.edwardsbaking.com/
45. Electrasol http://www.electrasol.com/
47. Kashi http://www.kashi.com/
48. Schick http://www.shaving.com/
49. Smart Ones http://www.eatyourbest.com/
50. Georgia Pacific http://www.gp.com/
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56. Bolthouse Juice http://www.bolthouse.com/
57. Hefty http://www.pactiv.com/
58. Tribe Hummus http://www.tribehummus.com/
59. 7 Up http://www.7up.com/
60. Morningstar Farms http://www.morningstarfarms.com/
61. Welch’s http://www.welchs.com/
62. McCain’s Fries http://www.mccainusa.com/
63. Vlasic http://www.vlasic.com/
64. Stonyfield Farm http://www.stonyfield.com/
65. Keebler http://www.keebler.com/
66. Celestial Seasonings http://www.celestialseasonings.com/
67. Boboli http://www.boboli.com/
68. Entemman’s http://www.entenmanns.com/
69. Arnold Bread http://www.arnoldbread.com/
70. Freihof’s Bread http://www.freihofers.com/
71. Tree Ripe OJ http://www.johannafoods.com/juice.htm
72. Wonder Bread http://www.wonderbread.com/
73. Hebrew National http://www.hebrewnational.com/
74. St. Ives http://www.stives.com/
75. Ronzoni http://www.ronzoni.com/
76. Tropicana http://www.tropicana.com/
77. Ball Park Franks http://www.ballparkfranks.com/
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79. White Castle http://www.whitecastle.com/
80. PictSweet http://www.pictsweet.com/ (FREE product coupons)
81. Lean Cuisine http://www.leancuisine.com/
82. Olivio customerservice@olivioproducts.com
83. Tide http://www.tide.com/
84. Oust http://www.oust.com/ (FREE product coupon)
85. Chef Boyardee http://www.chefboyardee.com/
86. Propel http://www.propelwater.com/
87. Bagel Bites heinzconsumeraffairs@hjheinz.com
88. Snapple http://www.snapple.com/
89. Clearasil http://www.clearasil.us/
90. Rumba Juice http://www.rumbaenergyjuice.com/
91. Luna Bars http://www.lunabar.com/
92. Mott’s http://www.motts.com/
93. White House Applesauce http://www.whitehousefoods.com/
94. Natures Own Breads http://www.naturesownbread.com/
95. Cascadian Farms http://www.cascadianfarm.com/
96. Brach’s Candy http://www.brachs.com/
97. Fast Fixin’s http://www.fastfixin.com/
98. Carl Budding http://www.budding.com/
99. Bar-S Hot Dogs http://www.bar-s.com/($5.00 Gift Certificate and coupons)
100. Hawaiian Punch http://www.hawaiianpunch.com/
101. Bigelow Tea http://www.bigelowtea.com/
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103. Wylers Soups http://www.wylers.com/
104. Nexcare http://www.nexcare.com/
105. Sunny Delight http://www.sunnydelight.com/
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107. Dunkin Donuts http://www.dunkindonuts.com/
108. Blistex http://www.blistex.com/
109. Little Crow Foods http://www.littlecrowfoods.com/
110. Promise http://www.promisehealthyheart.com/
111. Pepperidge Farm http://www.pepperidgefarm.com/ (FREE product coupon up to $3.00)
112. Greenies http://www.greenies.com/
113. Crayola http://www.crayola.com/
115. Gorton’s Fish http://www.gortons.com/
116. Hanes http://www.hanes.com/
117. Marie Calendar http://www.mariepies.com/
118. Pine-Sol http://www.pinesol.com/
119. Foster Farms http://www.fosterfarms.com/
120. General Mills http://www.generalmills.com/
121. Rhodes Bread customersatisfaction@rhodesbread.com
122. Breyers http://www.icecreamusa.com/breyers
123. Duncan Hines http://www.duncanhines.com/
124. Sea Pak Shrimp http://www.seapak.com/
125. Dole http://www.dole.com/
126. Mama Mary’s http://www.mamamarys.com/
127. IBC Root Beer http://www.ibcrootbeer.com/
128. Dial Soap http://www.dialcop.com/
129. Bakers Joy http://www.bakersjoy.com/
130. Jennie-O Turkey http://www.jennieo.com/
131. Barbara’s Bakery http://www.barbarasbakery.com/
132. Ian’s Natural http://www.iansnaturalfoods.com/
133. Hansen’s Beverage http://www.hansens.com/
134. Alexia Foods http://www.alexiafoods.com/
135. Brown Cow Yogurt http://www.browncowfarm.com/
136. Ocean Spray http://www.oceanspray.com/
137. Flat Out Bread feedback@flatoutbread.com
138. Rudi’s Organic http://www.rudisbakery.com/
139. Mussleman’s Applesauce http://www.knouse.com/
140. Skinny Cow http://www.skinnycow.com/
141. Baker’s Inn Bread ravindernath@bakersinn.com
142. Lactaid http://www.lactaid.com/
143. Silk Soy Milk http://www.silksoymilk.com/
144. Shady Brook Farms http://www.shadybrookfarms.com/
145. Mrs. Dash http://www.mrsdash.com/
146. Rice Dream http://www.tastethedream.com/
147. Blue Bunny http://www.bluebunny.com/
148. Sobe http://www.sobebev.com/ (FREE Sobe coupon)
149. Michangelo’s Frozen Entrees http://www.michaelangelos.com/efamily
150. Mission Tortillas http://www.missionfoods.com/
151. State Fair Corn Dogs http://www.statefairbrand.com/
152. Splenda http://www.splenda.com/
153. Equal Exchange http://www.equalexchange.com/
154. Odwalla http://www.odwalla.com/
155. Ray’s New York Bagels http://www.raysnewyorkbagels.com/
156. Nissin Noodles http://www.nissinfoods.com/
157. Yogi Tea http://www.yogitea.com/
158. Al Fresco http://www.alfrescoallnatural.com/
159. Ben and Jerry’s http://www.benandjerrys.com/
160. Tony’s Pizza http://www.tonys.com/
161. Asian Sensations comments@asiansensations.com
162. Red Baron http://www.redbaron.com/
163. Freschetta http://www.freschetta.com/
164. Gillette Venus http://www.gillettevenus.com/
165. Suave http://www.suave.com/
166. Lady Speed Stick http://www.mennen.com/
167. Jennie O http://www.jennieo.com/
168. Downy http://www.downy.com/
169. Glade http://www.glade.com/
170. Mardi Gras http://www.gp.com/
171. Oreida http://www.oreida.com/ (two $0.75 off one Oreida products)
172. Skintamate http://www.scjbrands.com/contact/(FREE Skintamate up to $4.00)
173. Raid http://www.scjbrands.com/contact/ (FREE Raid product coupon)

​A&P Coupon Policy---http://ap.apsupermarket.com/
​AAFES Coupon Policy----https://www.shopmyexchange.com/coupon-acceptance 
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I have been doing my homework to find more brands and writing suggestions that will send you coupons in the mail. I hope you have as much success as I did! Have you been trying to find free coupons in the mail? You’ve the answer! Manufacturers coupons are valuable, and companies are more than willing to send you those grocery coupons if you know just where to look and how to ask for them. Did you miss out on picking up this Sunday’s paper? Check out Sunday Coupon Inserts to have inserts for Sunday’s paper delivered right to your mailbox! Don’t miss out just because you can’t print coupons at home. I’ll show you how to get coupons in the mail quickly and easily so you can start saving right away. Save even more money at the grocery store since these vouchers are often of higher value than the printable coupons. In fact, many coupons in the mail are for free stuff. It is great to be able to pick out something off of the grocery shelves, hand the cashier a coupon, and then get it for free! Sign Up for Coupons in the Mail The way to start receiving free coupons in the mail is to send a comment to a company by email. Many companies respond very nicely to personal comments and will bless you with all sorts of samples and coupons. They take the comments and complaints that you make about their products very seriously. They want to know how you, the consumer, feels about their products, and they will usually reward you with a lot of coupons for your trouble. In fact, once you are on their customer mailing list, you may find that you continue to get coupons in the mail without any additional effort. How to Ask for Coupons in the Mail When you contact a company, you want to be very honest with your feedback. It isn’t true that the only way to get free coupons in the mail is to complain.You can encourage manufactures to send coupons just by telling them something in one of three areas. Praise: Tell the company how much you enjoy their product and be specific. Did it fulfill a need in your home? Was it so much better than the competition? Suggestion: Tell the company how you think they might improve the product or the packaging, or let them know what other products that you would like to see them provide. Complaint: If you didn’t like something about the product or had a negative issue with it, let the company know. It is important to be nice and objective. State the facts and let them know that you expected a better product from them, but don’t rant and rave. Just remember that you don’t need to be a professional writer. Keep your comment short and sweet, mention the product name (some companies have many different products) and be honest if you haven’t tried the product but are thinking about trying it. It is best not to flat out ask for grocery coupons; most of the time the companies themselves will make the offer to send you free coupons in the mail. How to Find Company Contact Information Here at FreeCoupons.com we did a lot of research to put together a list of manufacturer contact information. The following food companies have shown themselves to be willing to send a lot of coupons when asked. Remember your tips about how to write for grocery coupons in the mail and then get to it. Some companies will send coupons right away, while others may take up to six weeks. Be patient. Your mailbox will soon be flooded with grocery coupons. Manufacturer Coupons If you don’t see a contact form right away, look for a “Contact Us” link, usually at the bottom of the page. Some of the contact information below contains direct email links. Aleve All Whites Amy’s Kitchen Annie’s Homegrown Apple and Eve Applegate Farms Bagel Bites Banquet Bar S Barber Foods Batter Blaster Bob’s Red Mill Bounce Brawny Breathe Right Breyers Bumble Bee Burts Bees Bushes Beans Cabot Campbells Soup Carl Buddig Lunch Meats Carolina Rice Celeste Chiquita Colgate Crisco Dannon Del Monte Eden Foods Edy’s Eggo Egglands Best Entenmanns Eveready Freschetta Pizza Fresh Express Frigo Cheese Glade Herbal Essences Hefty Heinz Hillshire Farm Hostess Huggies Pull-Ups IZZE Soda Jif Johnson Kashi Kozy Shack Lean Cuisine Lean Pockets Light Life Ling Ling Lofthouse Cookies Malt-O-Meal Marie Callenders Marzetti McCormick Michelinas Motts Mt. Olive Neutrogena Northland Oroweat Bread Pepperidge Farm Plum Rose Propel Fitness Water Rite Guard Sabra Hummus Sargento Schick Intuition Razors Sensodyne Sharpie Skinny Cow Smuckers SPAM Turkey Hill Tyson Van’s Waffles Viva Welchs Wet Ones Wolfgang Puck Woolite Yogi Tea Yoplait Zatarains Ziploc

​2017 List of Senior Discounts Restaurants

Remember most of the discounts are offered at the local level. Please check with your local franchises for availability. You do not have to mention AHR. 
Applebee’s Senior Discount: 10-15% off (varies by location) Possible requirement of Golden Apple Card (60+) verified
Arby’s Senior Discount: 10% off – Also reports of a free drink (55+) varies by location
A&W Senior Discount All American Food: 10% Senior discount varies by location verified
Backyard Burger: Free drink with purchase
Ben & Jerry’s: 10% off for seniors (60+) varies by location verified
Bennigan’s Senior Discount: Discount varies by location (60+)
Bob’s Big Boy: Discount varies by location (60+)
Bonefish Grill Senior Discount: AARP members 10% off verified
Boston Market Senior Discounts: Discount varies by location (65+)
Burger King Senior Discount: 10% off (60+) plus additional discounts on coffee and soft drinks
Bubba Gump Shrimp Company: 10% off for AARP Members, 10% military discount verified
Captain D’s Seafood: “Happy Wednesday Offer” Choice of 8 meals + drink for $4.99 or less- varies by loc. (62+) verified
Carrabba’s Italian Grill: 10% off entire meal for AARP Members- not valid at Kirby and Woodway locations in Houston, TX verified
Carrows Restaurants: Golden 55 Menu: Offers discounted breakfast, lunch & dinner (55+) verified
Chart House: 10% off for AARP members only verified
Chick-fil-A Senior Discounts: Chick-fil-A offers a free refillable senior drink, not including coffee. – Varies by location.
Chili’s Restaurants Senior Discounts: Chili’s offers a 10% senior discount (55+) verified
CiCi’s Pizza: From website “Many of our stores do offer (senior) discounts” varies by location verified
Claim Jumper: 10% off for AARP members verified
Corky’s Homestyle Kitchen & Bakery: Offers special senior menu AND a Senior’s Frequent Diner Card (buy 9 get 1 free) (55+) verified
Country Kitchen: Great Senior Menu (55+) verified
Culvers: 10% off senior discount (60+)
Dairy Queen: 10% off for seniors (15% for coaches) varies by location (free small drink at some locations)
Denny’s: Senior discount varies by location, 15% off for AARP members verified 
Dunkin’ Donuts Senior Discount: AARP members receive a free donut with the purchase of a large or XL beverage (at participating restaurants) verified
Einstein’s Bagels: 10% off (60+)
El Pollo Loco: 10% senior discount (60+), 15% military discount verified
Fazoli’s: Join “Club 62” for special senior menu items (62+) verified
Friendly’s Restaurants: 10% off meal w/ free coffee at breakfast or free small sunday during non-breakfast hours verified
Fuddrucker’s: 10% off any senior platter (55+)
Gatti’s Pizza: 10% off (60+)
Golden Corral: Senior discount varies by location verified
Hardee’s: $0.33 beverages everyday -also reports of 10% off (52+)
IHOP: Great discounts on senior menu items (55+) verified
Jack in the Box: up to 20% off (55+)
KFC: Free small drink with any meal (55+)
Krispy Kreme Senior Discount: 10% off (50+) (age and discount varies depending on location). Free donut with purchase of coffee Feb 6-28, 2017 verified view details
Landry’s Seafood Senior Discounts: 10% off for AARP members (50+) verified
Long John Silver’s: Various discounts at locations (55+)
McCormick & Schmick’s: 10% savings on food and beverages (excluding alcohol) for AARP members (50+) verified
McDonald’s: Discounts on coffee everyday (55+)
Mrs. Fields: 10% off at participating locations (60+)
The Oceanaire Seafood Room: AARP members receive 10% off of food and non-alcoholic beverages (every day). verified
Outback Steakhouse: 10% off AARP members for meals (alcohol excluded) verified
Old Country Buffet: Daily discounts for seniors (55+) verified
Papa John’s Senior Discount: Papa John’s says to check with your local stores (meaning no standard senior discount policy). Try coupon codes GET40 or 25OFF. AMAC members receive 25% off, enter code “25SAVE” verified
Perkins Restaurants: Fifty-Five Plus menu Offers special deals (55+) verified
Polo Tropical: 10% off (50+)
Ponderosa Steak Houses: Senior Discounts Vary- Senior menu available (60+)
Rainforrest Cafe: 10% off for AARP members (50+) verified
Richie Roman’s Barbecue: 10% off (52+)
SaltGrass Senior Discounts: Save 10% for AARP members (50+) verified
Shoney’s of Knoxville: Join the Shoney’s “Golden Age Club” for 10% off (60+) verified
Sizzler: Offers “Honored Guest Menu” (60+) varies by location verified
Sonic: 10% off or free beverage (60+) varies by location
Steak ‘n Shake: 10% off every Monday & Tuesday (50+)
Subway: 10% off (60+) varies by location verified
Sweet Tomatoes: Senior Meal deals Mon-Thu 2-5pm $7.99 all u can eat incl. fountain bev. and/or coffee. All other times 10% off (60+) verified
Souplantation: Senior Meal deals Mon-Thu 2-5pm $7.99 all u can eat incl. fountain bev. and/or coffee. All other times 10% off (60+) verified
Taco Bell: 5% off; free beverages for seniors (65+)
TCBY: 10% off (55+)
Tea Room Cafe: 10% off for seniors (50+)
The Old Spaghetti Factory: Spaghetti Factory “Senior Menu” offers discounted list of menu items verified
Traditions Restaurant (East TX): Senior platter meal for $4.71 (50+) verified
Uno Pizzaria & Grill: “Double Nickel Club” 25% off on Wednesday (55+) verified
Village Inn: 10% off (60+)
Waffle House Senior Discounts: 10% off every Monday (60+)
Wendy’s: Senior age and special offer will vary depending on the restaurant location. Please ask the restaurant for details. verified
Whataburger: Free drink w/ purchase of a meal- varies by loc. (55+)
White Castle: 10% off (62+)
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Marriott – 15% discount (62+). You can book online or call and ask for the senior discount
Red Roof Inn – option of “senior rate” when you book online, may not be available for all locations
Choice Hotels – 10% discount if you book in advance (60+)
Hyatt Hotels – up to 50% off in participating locations. To qualify for this deal you have to make a reservation in advance and book for two people (60+)
La Quinta – varying offers at participating locations (65+). Book online or call and ask for senior discounts
Omni Hotels – varying offers at participating locations (55+)
Motel 6 – 10% discount (60+). Call and book over the phone in order to get discount
Wyndham Hotels – varying offers at participating locations (60+)
Hampton Inns & Suites – 10% off when booked 72 hours in advance

                                RITE-AID COUPON POLICY
Arnold Bread (also includes Brownberry) http://www.arnoldbread.com/ (can request one time per year)
Boboli http://www.boboli.com/
Entemman’s http://www.entenmanns.com/
Ines Rosales http://www.inesrosalesusa.com
Freihof’s Bread http://www.freihofers.com/
Mama Mary’s http://www.mamamarys.com/
Natures Own Breads http://www.naturesownbread.com/
Rudi’s Organic http://www.rudisbakery.com/ **Organic!

Eden’s http://www.edenfoods.com/ **Organic!
Food For Life http://www.foodforlife.com/ **Organic!
King Arthur Flour http://www.kingarthurflour.com/ **Organic!
Simply Organic http://www.simplyorganic.com/ **Organic! **Gluten-free products!
Unilever http://www.makinglifebetter.com/
War Eagle Mill http://www.wareaglemill.com/ **Organic!

7 Up http://www.7up.com/
Amy’s Kitchen http://www.amys.com/ **Organic! **Includes Gluten-free products!
Apple & Eve info@appleandeve.com **Organic!
Bigelow Tea http://www.bigelowtea.com/
Bolthouse Juice http://www.bolthouse.com/
Celestial Seasonings http://www.celestialseasonings.com/
Dunkin Donuts http://www.dunkindonuts.com/
Florida’s Natural http://www.floridasnatural.com/
Hawaiian Punch http://www.hawaiianpunch.com/
Lipton http://www.liptont.com/
Mott’s http://www.motts.com/
Naked Juice http://www.nakedjuice.com **Organic!
Propel http://www.propelwater.com/
Old Orchard http://oldorchard.com/club/
Organic Wine Company http://www.theorganicwinecompany.com/ **Organic!
Rumba Juice http://www.rumbaenergyjuice.com/
R.W. Knudsen Family Juices http://www.knudsenjuices.com/coupons **Organic!
Santa Cruz Juice http://www.scojuice.com/coupons **Organic!
Snapple http://www.snapple.com/
Thomas’ http://www.thomas.gwbakeries.com/
Tree Ripe OJ http://www.johannafoods.com/juice.htm
Tropicana http://www.tropicana.com/
Welch’s http://www.welchs.com/

Amy’s Kitchen http://www.amys.com/ **Organic! **Includes Gluten-free products!
Campbell’s http://www.campbellkitchen.com/
Crofter’s Organic http://www.croftersorganic.com **Organic!
Del Monte Veggies http://www.delmonte.com/
Dole http://www.dole.com/
Muir Glen http://www.muirglen.com/Default.aspx **Organic!
Starkist Tuna http://www.starkist.com/

Arrowhead Mills http://www.arrowheadmills.com/ **Organic!
Cascadian Farms http://www.cascadianfarm.com/ **Organic!
Food for Life http://www.foodforlife.com/ **Organic!
General Mills http://www.generalmills.com/
Nature’s Path http://www.edenfoods.com/ **Organic!
Kashi http://www.kashi.com/ **Organic!
Wildtime Foods http://www.grizzliesbrand.com/ **Organic!

All http://all-laundry.com/contactus/Default.aspx
Arm & Hammer http://www.armandhammer.com/
Clorox http://www.clorox.com/
Hefty http://www.hefty.com/
Proctor & Gamble http://www.pg.com
Seventh Generation http://www.seventhgeneration.com/about/contact-us
Windex http://www.windex.com/

Hanes http://www.hanes.com/

Annie’s Naturals http://www.anniesnaturals.com/ **Organic! 
Cedar’s Mediterranean http:://www.cedarsfoods.com/cedarscoupons.html **Organic!
Eden’s http://www.edenfoods.com/ **Organic!
Muir Glen http://www.muirglen.com/Default.aspx **Organic!
Spectrum Brands http://www.spectrumorganics.com/ **Organic!
Silver Spring http://silverspringgardens.com/contact.aspx **Organic!

Blue Bunny http://www.bluebunny.com/
Chobani http://chobani.com/coupons/
Crystal Farms http://www.crystalfarmscheese.com/contact-us/
Daisy http://www.daisybrand.com/about-daisy/contact-us.aspx
Dannon http://www.dannon.com/
Dean’s DeanFoods@CaSupport.com
Edy’s http://www.edys.com/
Haagen Dazs http://www.haagen-dazs.com/
Horizon http://www.horizonorganic.com/ **Organic!
Land O Lakes http://www.landolakes.com/
Noosa Yoghurt http://www.noosayoghurt.com/contact-us/contact-us/
Sargento http://www.sargentocheese.com/
SmartBalance http://www.smartbalance.com
Stonyfield Farm http://www.stonyfield.com/ **Organic!
Tillamook http://www.tillamookcheese.com/ **Includes Gluten-free products!
Blue Diamond http://www.bluediamond.com/ (can request every 3 months)
Daiya http://www.daiyafoods.com/ **Organic!
Rice Dream http://www.tastethedream.com/
Silk http://silk.com/
Dunkin Donuts http://www.dunkindonuts.com/
Food for Life http://www.foodforlife.com/ **Organic!
Idahoan http://www.idahoan.com/ **Includes Gluten-free products!
Ines Rosales http://www.inesrosalesusa.com
Jose Ole http://www.joseole.com/
Malt O Meal http://www.malt-o-meal.com/
Mission Tortillas http://www.missionfoods.com/
Ronzoni http://www.ronzoni.com/
Uncle Ben’s http://www.unclebens.com/
Zatarains http://www.zatarains.com/
Horizon Organic Eggs http://www.horizonorganiceggs.com/ **Organic!
Born Free http://www.bornfreeeggs.com/ **Organic!
Organic Valley http://www.organicvalley.coop/coupons/ **Organic!
Cyd’s Nest Fresh http://www.nestfresh.com/ **Organic!
Eggology http://www.eggology.com/Public/Home/index.cfm **Organic!
Wild Harvest http://www.wildharvestorganic.com/ **Organic!
Crayola http://www.crayola.com/
Del Monte Veggies http://www.delmonte.com/
Dole http://www.dole.com/
8th Continent http://www.8thcontinent.com/
Alexia Foods http://www.alexiafoods.com/ **Organic!
Amy’s Kitchen http://www.amys.com/ **Organic! **Includes Gluten-free products!
Banquet http://www.banquet.com/
Barber Foods http://www.barberfoods.com/
BirdsEye http://www.birdseye.com/
Cole’s Garlic Bread http://www.coles.com/ (info@coles.com)
El Montery http://www.ruizfoods.com/
Kashi http://www.kashi.com/ **Organic!
Ling Ling’s http://www.ling-ling.com/
McCain’s Fries http://www.mccainusa.com/
Palermo’s Pizza http://www.palermospizza.com/index.aspx
PictSweet http://www.pictsweet.com/
Westpac veggies http://www.norpac.com/contact.php
Alexia Foods http://www.alexiafoods.com/ **Organic!
Amy’s Kitchen http://www.amys.com/ **Organic! **Includes Gluten-free products!
El Montery http://www.ruizfoods.com/
Freschetta http://www.freschetta.com/
Michelena’s http://www.michelinas.com/
Kashi http://www.kashi.com/ **Organic!
Lean Cuisine http://www.leancuisine.com/
Palermo’s Pizza http://www.palermospizza.com/index.aspx
Rising Moon Organics http://www.risingmoon.com/ **Organic!
Smart Ones (Weight Watchers) http://www.eatyourbest.com/
Al Fresco http://www.alfrescoallnatural.com/ **All Natural!
Ball Park Franks http://www.ballparkfranks.com/
Bar-S Hot Dogs http://www.bar-s.com/
Blls & Evans free-range chicken http://www.bellandevans.com/fresh **Free-Range **Organic
Carl Budding http://www.budding.com/
Gorton’s Fish http://www.gortons.com/
Hatfield http://www.hqm.com/
Hebrew National http://www.hebrewnational.com/ **Kosher!
Hillshire Farm http://www.hillshirefarm.com/
Fast Fixin’s http://www.fastfixin.com/
Jennie-O Turkey http://www.jennieo.com/
Johnsonville http://www.johnsonville.com
Perdue http://www.perdue.com/
Pilgrim’s Pride http://www.pilgrimspride.com/
Sea Pak Shrimp http://www.seapak.com/
Shady Brook Farms http://www.shadybrookfarms.com/
Tyson http://www.tyson.com/
Morningstar Farms http://www.morningstarfarms.com/ **Vegetarian!
Bic http://www.bicworld.com/
Georgia Pacific http://www.gp.com/
Hefty http://www.hefty.com/
Viva Paper Towel http://www.vivatowels.com/
Bella Vista http://www.bellavistafarm.com/ **Organic!
Boboli http://www.boboli.com/
Crofter’s Organic http://www.croftersorganic.com **Organic!
DreamFields Pasta http://www.dreamfieldsfoods.com/
Food for Life http://www.foodforlife.com/ **Organic!
Hidden Valley http://www.hiddenvalley.com/contact-us/
Ines Rosales http://www.inesrosalesusa.com
La Preferida http://www.lapreferida.com
Minute Rice http://www.minuterice.com/en-us/contact_us/default.aspx
Mission Tortillas http://www.missionfoods.com/
Simply Organic http://www.simplyorganic.com/ **Organic! **Gluten-free products!
Smucker’s http://www.smuckers.com/promotions/ **Includes Organic
Unilever http://www.makinglifebetter.com/
Vlasic http://www.vlasic.com/
Welch’s http://www.welchs.com/
Wylers Soups http://www.wylers.com/
Blistex http://www.blistex.com/
Clearasil http://www.clearasil.us/
Eucerin http://www.eucerin.com/
Nexcare http://www.nexcare.com/
Kotex http://www.kotex.com/
Proctor & Gamble http://www.pg.com
Schick http://www.shaving.com/
Sensodyone http://www.sensodyne.com/
St. Ives http://www.stives.com/
Unilever http://www.makinglifebetter.com/
9 Lives http://www.9lives.com/
Greenies http://www.greenies.com/
Whiskas http://www.whiskas.com/
Purina https://www.purina.com/ 
Iams http://www.iams.com/index
Sheba http://sheba.com/
Blue Diamond http://www.bluediamond.com/
Cascadian Farms http://www.cascadianfarm.com/ **Organic!
Crunchmaster Crackers http://www.crunchmaster.com/coupon.aspx **Gluten-free!
Chi Chi’s Chips and Salsas http://www.chichis.com/#!/salsa-coupons
Edward’s Pies http://www.edwardsbaking.com/
Edy’s http://www.edys.com/
Entemman’s http://www.entenmanns.com/
Earth Bound Farm http://www.ebfarm.com/ **Organic!
Enjoy Life http://www.enjoylifefoods.com/ **Organic!
Farm Rich http://www.farmrichfun.com/
Haagen Dazs http://www.haagen-dazs.com/
Kashi http://www.kashi.com/ **Organic!
Keebler http://www.keebler.com/
Kettle Foods http://www.kettlefoods.com/ **Includes Organic
Kozy Shack http://www.kozyshack.com/ **includes Lactose free!
Luigi’s Italian Ice http://www.luigis.com/
Luna Bars http://www.lunabar.com/
Mott’s http://www.motts.com/
Mussleman’s Applesauce http://www.knouse.com/
Mrs. Smiths http://www.mrssmiths.com/
Mt. Olive http://www.mtolivepickles.com/
Newman’s Owns Organics http://www.newmansownorganics.com/ **Organic!
Odwalla http://www.odwalla.com/
Pepperidge Farm http://www.pepperidgefarm.com/
Tribe Hummus http://www.tribehummus.com/ **includes All Natural!
Unilever http://www.makinglifebetter.com/

. SC Johnson 2. Duck Brand Tape (E-mail & request coupons) 3. Kraft First Taste Promotions 4. McCormick’s Coupons (spice manufacturer) Consumer_Affairs@mccormick.com, or call 1-800-632-5847 5. Campbell’s Soup Company 6. Hormel 7. Pepsi Company 8. Pinnacle Foods (Vlassic, Celeste, Aunt Jemima etc) *Contact info to request coupons* 9. Odwalla Company (drinks) Email request to consumers@odwalla.com 10. General Mills Coupons (Betty Crocker, Pillbury, Box Tops for Education etc) Martins chips Lays Method Comet Murry’s Vlasic Mt. olive Dove Crest Angel soft Coco cola company Sc Johnson Turkey Hill Dreyer’s Edy’s Ice Cream Celestial Seasonings Heinz (Smart Ones frozen food too) Purina Campbell’s Kellogg’s Whitewave Food’s Silk Milk Johnson and Johnson SC Johnson Unilever Pom Wonderful World’s Best Cat Litter Delta Carbona