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  I started this website for so many reasons, my family, friends and loved ones could save money. 
      Secondly,  the elderly,  disabled, and low income are struggling due to so many reason's. (Way to many to post.)
      We also, have veteran's needing homes, foods and support.  They gave their time for us and I want to help them.
       In searching for research I found sometimes you have to go to tons of pages to find what your looking for.  Not anymore.  Large print.  Large ads!      It's all in one spot.!!!!        

           THE ONE STOP SHOP!
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Rimm Associates Plus


by Darlene Lavoy-Eddington on 07/29/18

If your reading this --you have come across the best web site.  There are 3 pages of coupons, coupon codes, coupon ads.  23 other pages of other subjects:  jobs, education, sales, auto, military and much more!  I want everything to be easily found, so consumers don't have to search for anything! 

The Scoop!

by Darlene Lavoy-Eddington on 04/28/18

I post new stuff everyday to help save money, jobs, education, military, sports, auto, parties supplies and so much more!

Let me know if you info on anything.  I will research for you!


by Darlene Lavoy-Eddington on 04/28/18

We all set goals. Most of the time they fail.  There are many reasons why, we loose interest, were talked out of it, or someone beats us to the trick. We feel beaten and take the next best thing.

Let's all work together and try to help each other to put our dreams back together.

Taking my time!

by Darlene Lavoy-Eddington on 04/26/18

To All My Peeps,

I truly could not figure out exactly what I wanted to do 
when I started my website. I knew I wanted to get a lot 
of information out to all of you.

I started with  FREE COUPONS, some of you really liked this,  
others not so much. We now have 3 pages of coupons and 
savings on here.  The links are above or below!
Other pages in different subjects came to mind, it would make 
everything easier to find.   I got tired of going from page to page
to find what I was looking for. What a better way that to put it all
together.  Making it the Best-Of-The Best!

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